ASIA/PAKISTAN - The Bishops: "Justice for the massacre in Lahore"


Lahore ? To bring to justice the perpetrators of the massacre that on 15 March 2015, following the explosion of two bombs in front of two churches in Youhanabad, Lahore district, killed 21 people and injured 80. This is what was asked, in an official statement sent to Agenzia Fides, by the national Commission “Justice and Peace”, an expression of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan.
The Christian community, a year after the tragic events, “still mourns the loss of its loved ones, whose courage and sacrifice saved the lives of many innocent worshipers in two churches”, notes the text.
The Commission hopes for “a proper investigation” and “expresses disappointment on the role of law enforcement” which focused only on the episode that followed the massacre, or the lynching of two alleged accomplices of terrorists.
The body of Catholic Bishops calls on the government to “conduct an impartial investigation on both the authors and organizers of the attacks of both the incident of lynching” and notes that the observance of law and justice, without allowing any kind of impunity, is the way to promote religious and social tolerance and the protection of religious minorities in Pakistan.

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