ASIA/PAKISTAN - Violent raid in a Christian neighborhood in Faisalabad


Faisalabad - The Christian area “Khushal Town” in Faisalabad was attacked in past days by a crowd of Muslims who caused injuries to some Christians, including women, four young people and a senior. Christians are locked up at home for fear. Three days after the incident, local Christians filed a complaint to the police and to the municipality.
As Fides learns, the reason of the attack was a dispute which arose after a trivial road accident, which occurred on August 19, between a Christian and a Muslim. Hence the fight and desire for revenge. After a few days, the attempt of “collective punishment” on the Christian area, according to a pattern that has been repeated several times in Pakistan and in the past caused serious damage to people and property. The local police has assured protection and so far there have not been further negative consequences in Faisalabad.

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