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Hello all. I know there was a previous thread with this topic but I do not feel the poster accurately represented our beliefs. Feel free to ask any questions

What do you feel is the biggest misconception about hare Krishna.

That we are polytheists

What is the essence of your religion?

The essence of our religion is that every living entity is originally a part and parcel of God (Krishna) and therefore our constitutional position is to utilize our senses to develop God consciousness. There are different methods of regaining this lost relationship recommended for different ages, but in this age the most sublime method is believed to be the chanting of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. Thank you for your question!

When did your religion start and why?

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According to our theology, Krishna has always existed and is beyond the constraints of time.

On a less mystical level, worship of Krishna in India can be traced back as far as 5,000 years ago. In the 15th century, an Indian monk named Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu introduced the concept of chanting the holy names of the Lord as a means of deliverance. We believe Him to be an avatar of Krishna and he can be equated to the historical role of Jesus Christ in your religion (in the sense that He revived and spurred the evolution of a religion that was becoming increasingly corrupt and politicized).

In 1965, a 70 year old Guru by the name of Prabhupada travelled to America from Calcutta, India with the intent of spreading the message of Krishna to the western world. Before this, devotional worship of Krishna had been confined to India.

Thanks for your question!

Have you studied Catholicism?

I was raised in a rather strict (but not necessarily traditional) Catholic home. I was baptized, got Holy Communion, went to confession once a week and was confirmed. As a rebellious teenager, I was very defiant in the case of the Church, however, when I was 18 I came back to the Church for a brief period and did some serious theological study with my local priest. So I am familiar with the teachings of the Church but am no expert

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How long have you been a Hare Krishna?

You said in reply to FrStevenJones-

The essence of our religion is that every living entity is originally a part and parcel of God (Krishna) . . . There are different methods of regaining this lost relationship. . . .

How did we lose this relationship to begin with?

What’s the difference between Hare Krishna and other forms of Hinduism?

Krishna has endowed every living entity with a minute sense of independence-we have lost our association with the Lord because of our desire to lord this independence over something and fool ourselves into believing that we can be the proprietor of anything (when in reality everything belongs to God). As such, the Lord has created the material universe in which the living entities are given the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their work (which in actuality belong to God). This material (or inferior, as it is referred to in the HK movement) energy is so potent that it is as if we are under an illusory spell in which we have forgotten our true constitutional position as part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. When one becomes learned in spirituality he or she soon sees that the happiness gained in materialism is fleeting and there are many miserable things about this material existence (the most common examples are sickness and old age). Eventually one wishes to liberate oneself from this miserable condition and this is a realization that is said to come only after many, many lives- many births and deaths in the material world. In order to liberate oneself from the mundane cycle of birth and death, fleeting happiness and distress one must turn their consciousness to God in order to revive this relationship and get back our true position of eternality and bliss.

The short answer is that our relationship with God was lost because of the living entity’s desire to lord their minute independence over an illusory material energy of the Lord.

Nice reply/ Materialism is a curse. God should be at the front of everything

What do HKs think of Jesus and Catholicism in general?

Exactly. That is why in the Krishna Consciousness movement we strive to utilize all of our senses in the service of God

I’m not the OP, but as someone who’s very interested in studying religions - particularly south Asian ones like Hinduism and Buddhism - one of the main differences AFAIK is that Bhagavatism (aka Krishnaism) holds Krishna to be the original, absolute form of the supreme Deity (what would be called in Sanskrit svayam bhagavanBhagavan (the blessed one; i.e. ‘God’) himself”) from which all other incarnations of the deity (the avatars) emanate.

This is in contrast to other Vaishnavite (Vaishnavism = a branch of Hinduism which focuses on the god Vishnu) schools - Krishnaism is often considered to be a group within Vaishnavism - which focus on the veneration of Vishnu as the supreme deity. (The difference lies I think on who is considered to be the ‘original’ form of the deity: some say Vishnu is the source while Krishna is an avatar, while others would say the opposite.) There are of course other schools in modern Hinduism, such as those who would say that Shiva is the supreme deity (Shaivism), those who believe that deities like Vishnu and Shiva are all simply different yet equal manifestations of the supreme Brahman, those who focus on Shakti (the mother goddess) as the ultimate Godhead, and so on and so forth. Perhaps the OP might elaborate further and correct what I just said.

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