Ask a Hare Krsna a question

Greetings. If you have ever wanted to ask one of those rather odd looking monks in the white or orange robes a questions, I will try my best to answer.

What are your opinions concerning Christ?

For some it could be fashionable, flippant, or even logical to dismiss Christ as either a myth, good person, great person, mystic, prophet, or something else besides God, but for me Lord Jesus Christ is God.

Am I God?

Sorry, no cigar. You are just his lowly servant.

So Hare Krishna are not Pantheists?

Are all Hare Krishnas Pro-life?

Definition of PANTHEISM
1 : a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe
2: the worship of all gods of different creeds, cults, or peoples indifferently; also : toleration of worship of all gods (as at certain periods of the Roman empire)

God is certainly the author of nature and can remind of Him…“but a spark of my splendor.” There is only one, uncreated loving God. But the Lord has many servants.


Is it a teaching? I met (and danced with) a group on the Mall in D.C. years ago and they said they were pro-life. I didn’t know if it was a teaching or just their personal belief.

My warmest regards. I would not say “a teaching” that I was ever the topic of any class I participated in. According to Vedic books of knowledge, the persons involved in abortion must themselves be aborted in future lives. The Vedas say that the soul is present in the embryo from the moment of conception. It’s quite clear the child enters the womb at the time of conception.

So if a person has to be aborted in future lives when does that end for them? I know many people who are post-abortive and have repented of that and all sins. They may spend some time in Purgatory but then will go to Heaven. The time in Purgatory can also be mitigated by prayer, good works, redemptive suffering in this life. Is there any mitigation for offences in your beliefs? What about those who are forced to have an abortion or don’t understand what they are doing (they’ve been told it isn’t a real life, etc.)?

Some of what they and I talked about it coming back to me. You are also vegetarians, yes?

Yes, Hare Krishna’s are vegetarians (no meat, fish, or eggs). The thing is to be free from our sins; past and present. As Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska writes about in her “Diary,” God is so merciful and as you know, His “fountains of mercy” have manifested themselves in the Catholic tradition in numerous places and ways. I think any sincere seeker will throw themselves at the feet of the Lord and ask for His mercy, His forgiveness, His blessings. We can’t undo the past. Big and small mistakes riddle our lives. Divine mercy forgives.

Thank you for that answer. I think I would despair if I would thought I, or someone else, was headed for eternal punishment for something they repented from.

Mercy. That is something that was very important to me years ago, both throwing myself at God’s mercy and showing mercy to others. Recently I was reminded, even convicted, that it was a practice I’ve been rather stingy with. But it had been such a habit at one time that when I realized what I had been doing, my decision was instant.

So, what about tattoos?

I think for us, we need to just practice being loving to all. Mercy will follow. I mean, who am I “to be merciful?” But I can be loving. Just the way I am wired I guess. But it works for me. As far as tattoos, if a tattoo reminds you of God, sure. There are many Hare Krishna men and women with ancient Vedic tattoos.

What is a good online resource that describes your practices and beliefs, i.e. not Wikipedia?

Do you life in community?

Have you read the book or seen Life of Pi? If so, what did you think of it?

Is Jesus Christ uniquely God or one of many gods? You say “for me” in the above quote, is your view standard among Hare Krsnas?

I am not sure the moderator of this forum would want me to direct you openly to an on-line resource. Besides, you’ve got me (lol). I lived as a full time monk for over 5 years. (P.S. logging off for now. It is called sleep. I thank you as well as Catholic Answers)

I lived in as a full time monk in a full time community for 5 years. Haven’t heard of that book.

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