Ask a Priest Anything...about Confession!

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Your clarifications in the thread are very helpful.

God Bless @KBS, thank you for sharing this with me.

I do plan on following the rules of The Catholic church while I try to figure out if I’m going to return. I believe in the church, and the main rules of the church. Attending mass, taking the Eucharist, fasting, and confession.

I did go to confession last June… but like I said the year is almost up, 4 months isn’t as long as people think it is… which is why I asked if its disrespectful to do something, like going to confession just because its a rule, while I’m still questing weather or not I will return to the Catholic church?

I do attend mass at two different churches every Sunday, do I need to confess that as well? Is that a sin?

I did speak to my priest, but I don’t think he really understood what I was saying… where my doubts about the Catholic church being the only true church.

Also is there a point a priest might ask a confessor to follow up with him after confession, especially if they are confessing a sin that if not stop can be so harmful the person can end up dead?

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How can you tell if sin is mortal or venial? If I’m not sure, I usually just assume it’s venial and do it anyway. I struggle with the same sins all the time, mainly the ones relating to pride. As far as I know, I’ve never committed a mortal sin. It’s hard for me to go to confession since it’s hard for me to admit my faults and humble myself. How can I learn to determine moral from venial sins and admit my faults? Thank You!!! :slight_smile:


Hello, Father edward_george1,

I would like to start going to fortnightly confession on a Friday evening. This happens to be after school, when I have my school back-pack with me.

Is it better to take it inside the confessional, will the priest ask me to remove it, should I leave it somewhere else?

Thank you for your time and consideration, Reverend Father.

This might be a rough one, and I know our priests are busy!

If someone is uncertain about a sin due to mental illness, what would be the best way to approach it in confession? I’m not referring to things like scrupulosity or OCD, that can make someone believe ordinary matters are sinful. But to cases where mental illness may contribute to behavior that would ordinarily be sinful - such as not getting out of bed or attending to your responsibilities when depressed, or lashing out in anger due to a trauma trigger.

Unfortunately I’ve found that what often happens in real life is priests tell you to ask a therapist because they don’t know about mental illness and therapists tell you to ask a priest because they don’t know about sin or confession! And for various reasons not everyone may have access to therapy. (Also frankly a lot of priests seem to sort of act like you can put spiritual stuff on hold until mental health treatment sorts everything out, which isn’t how it works.)

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