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Hello, I’m new here. Does anyone know of a woman named Dr. Michelle Corral, founder of the breath of the spirit ministries. Was she a Catholic? and whether her preaching not deviate from the Catholic faith? Because she will be invited as a speaker by a charismatic Catholic group in the diocese of surabaya, Indonesia. Thank you.

Bryan Anthonny

Okay…I just did a Google search on here and her bio page is being worked on so I couldn’t get anything on that.

However, they associate themselves with n-C Charismatic ministers who call themselves “prophets” and one of the speakers is Suzanne Hinn, the wife of Benny Hinn.

That guy’s ministry is nothing but a health and wealth prosperity gospel and if these guys approve and share their space with 'em that tells you something that should raise the red flags. A great many n-Cs even reject Hinn’s ministry,

Me…I’d have nothing to do with that.

I agree, Beware! there are many Wolves roaming about Indonesia.

OK, thanks all for the information.

Hi Bryan,
I am Meidy from Surabaya - Indonesia. I am a Catholic and have been the interpreter since the first time Dr. Michelle Corral came over to Indonesia. In my opinion she is a devoted Catholic and her preaching has brought light to us here in Surabaya about the foundation of the Catholic Teachings. There is nothing to worry about her preaching as some priests and even our Bishop were there each time Dr. Michelle Corral was invited to speak in Indonesia.
Kind regards,
Meidy from Indonesia
(translator and interpreter).


Hello, I know this thread is a little outdated, but I just came upon it and thought to shed a little Light on this subject. Dr. Corral is the foundress of Breath of the Spirit International Ministries, which has been around for at least 25 years. She is a very devout Catholic. She is a woman of prayer and spends hours in Adoration daily, seeking His will and adoring Him. She has had Marian conferences. She has the utmost of love for our holy Sacraments, especially Holy Eucharist. She loves our Blessed Mother, spent time with Blessed Mother Theresa in Calcutta, introduced Benny Hinn to Cardinal Sin in the Philippines, and is definitely known throughout the Catholic Charismatic community of laypersons and priests. She is also sanctioned by the bishop of the county in which she resides.

Just as Jesus ate and drank with those that were “blemished” sheep, we are all called to reach out and be Jesus to one another. Who are we to say whether it is right or wrong for Dr. Corral to be a speaker with speakers of other Christian faiths. Let us not judge, but let God be the judge. Maybe He wants to use her to unify, I do recall she had conferences called “One Bread, One Body”.

I have had the opportunity to sit and listen to the words she teaches, at a weekly Bible Study, and was blessed any time I did. If she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, may God reveal such to all.

Pax Christi.

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