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GKC (whenever he can) and I will gladly answer questions on the Anglican and Episcopal Churches. Soooo ask away! :smiley:

Let’s try to keep the debates down please. If you have a question great! I would love to answer! We are not here to argue but simply Q&A. :thumbsup:

Does your ecclesiastical community believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist?

Yes! My parish in the Episcopal Church believes in the RP of Christ in the Eucharist. His true Body and Blood are present.

I believe the Anglican church, in general, teaches that the real presence is an “optional” belief.

What enticed you to make the switch from a “low-church” protestant perspective to a more liturgical type of worship? :slight_smile: (I think you mentioned you were a Baptist, is that right?)

Kind of all depends on the “Anglican” you are asking. Personally, I have never come across someone that did not believe in the RP. It is in the Book of Common Prayer as the RP.

I went from Baptist>Catholicism>Episcopalian. The old saying…“you can take the boy out of the Baptist church but not the Baptist church out of the boy” kind of rings true for me.

The Episcopal Church was the place my family settled and we feel blessed by doing so. I consider myself Protestant and Catholic.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions pertaining to the English Church in particular.


What’s the difference between ‘high’ and otherwise?

Does the EC church teach transsubstantation also? Or something else?

What is then your protestant side? or what constitutes it?

High Church are often Anglo-Catholic.

Low Church is often like Presbyterian or Methodist

The RCC doctrine of transubstantiation and is generally not accepted within the Anglican Church. Anglican theology in this area is as broad as the Anglican communion itself. Some Anglicans hold to the RCC doctrine, others accept the doctrine of consubstantiation, while others are very much like the Baptists or Presbyterians in their Eucharistic theology.

For Many Episcopalians, Christ said “this is my Body and my Blood” as we leave it at that.

Hey pablope. PM and I will gladly share. Kind of want to keep this about the Episcopal/Anglican Church rather than me. :slight_smile:

Does your Church teach that it is the one true Church of God with the fullness of truth? Can your Church be wrong on matters that other Churches may be correct in?

The Episcopal Church teaches that we are one branch of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. We have Scripture and the Creeds as truth that guides us. Not sure what you mean by wrong. I am not sure any faith as all the answers. :shrug:

How long before the anglican church becomes totally liberalised? Or do you foresee a conservative comeback of some sort?

Thanks, that answers exactly what I was asking. I ask because the CC says they are the one true Church and was wondering if your Church makes the same claim.

You have both views as in every faith. I do not see it as liberal/conservative.

No sir. We are simply part of that Church with Christ being the source. :thumbsup:

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