ask and you shall receive

What is the proper interpretation of the passage “ask and you shall receive”? needless to say, we don’t always get what we ask for. thx

“ask and you shall receive … what the Father knows is best for you, at the time when He knows it will be best for you to receive it.”

Too many think it means “ask and you shall receive … whatever you want whenever you want it.” :nope:

I think that if you ask in faith, you will receive whatever it is you ask for, as long as it is in line with the will of God. In order to know what that will is, you have to look to the bible to see where God stands.

I believe that God always answers prayers, perhaps not in the way we might want, and perhaps not in our time, but God always answers prayers. My understanding is that, when you ask for something, God grants it immediately, but that it does not always manifest (appear) right away. Part of it has to do with our faith or belief which has to be like that of a child, almost blind faith, if you will.

The reason I say this is, I too questioned God and his seeming non response to my prayers. I started to read on the subject of prayer and began to see that the fault was not with God, but with my unbelief (lack of faith) or misunderstanding of my part in the prayer process. God, in his infinite wisdom, knows (before we do), what our needs are, so besides asking in faith, we also need to put our full trust in Him. The bible says, “without faith it is impossible to please God”, so start asking in faith, and expect to receive.

I started a journal where I would write down my prayer requests and the surprising thing is, I started to see where some of my prayers were actually being answered. God wants us to come to Him in faith, but I think not understanding what prayer is all about has inhibited our prayers to a great degree.

I urge you to talk to God as often as possible. I have found the shortest prayers are the best. The word “help me Jesus” speaks volumes over a long winded prayer. What matters is that the prayer or request comes from the heart. The words are merely the icing on the cake. It is the heartfelt cry or plea that moves the prayer along.

Start wherever you are, at this moment, to seek God’s help in everything that you need. When you start turning to God and learn to put your trust in Him before anything else, you will find life’s challenges easier to deal with and you will find how much God really loves you after all.

God Rocks

I’ve seen those words get misinterpreted from some Pentecostals and similar denominations who preach the “heath and weath” (false) doctrine. Some will say that you can actually obligate God to give you want you want because He promised it in those words. But that stuff has been the downfall of some peoples faith, who in despiration due to illnesses or finacial problems get let down when they have tried to treat God like some jeanie in a bottle and it does not work out the way they were taught it would. I know a family whose mother was diagnosed with cancer, and the church prayed for healing, and she went into remission, and everyone was on a spiritual high, and the faimly was even on one of those tv evangelists shows, and then the cancer came back and killed her. The dad, who was sucked into the “name it claim it” doctrine became bitter, and the whole thing took a spiritual toll on the family because they were led to believe that no matter what you ask for God will do what you ask. When taught wrongly about those words of Christ, it can do tremendous damage to peoples faith. If that false doctrine was true then we would have a bunch of Penetecostals who would be 500 year old billionares! (:

I think those words are meant to help us to line our will up with God’s will and not our own. I think that is the whole purpose, so that we learn to make what we want to be what is according to God’s purpose.

I can testify that this is true.
God has enticipated my every wish so far. If he didn’t fulfil my wish the following day or that same week he did it when it made the most sense.

this is it. You’re speaking the truth :slight_smile:

…it means exactly what it says… ask and you shall receive… does it mean what man wants it to mean? Not!

(Not a sports fan.) Lets say I liked “x” team… I pray that it wins the cup/finals/whatever… on another town/city/state other Believers are doing the same (team y/z/a/f…)–did God fail to grant my request or that of the others? Not!

…consider that our request not only has to be made for our betterment but it also has be in God’s Will and for the betterment of the Body of Christ!

…there are requests that do get answer… I once witness a woman come out of a coma… though subsequenty she still died… my request was that God’s Holy Spirit would touch her spirit and allow her to understand what Christ wanted of her… and that, as promised, in the Spirit, He could convict her… this lady’s experience, from my understanding, was both an acknowledgement of her encounter with Jesus and my response from God that He hears the requests that are made for humanity, in God’s Will, and for the Body of Christ.

…there are other more mundane requests that have been heard and granted… but we are too self-involved to recognize or be thankful for.

Maran atha!


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