Ask Avon to pull ads from 'Grey's Anatomy'

** Ask Avon to pull ads from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ **


Even though we have not heard from Kellogg’s they have not advertised during the last two episodes of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Also, Hershey’s said they would share all of OMM comments with their Marketing Department and after monitoring their support of “Secret Life,” we are proud to announce they have not sponsored any of this season’s episodes.

Moms, we need your help once again. “Grey’s Anatomy” has never been a clean show and not too long ago had introduced a lesbian couple.

When that relationship dissolved this would have been the perfect time for the writers to do away with homosexual content in this show. But no, this last episode had the newly single lesbian doctor state she was lonely. And at the end of this episode had a scene with one of the newest female additions to the show do more than hint that she was a lesbian.

This new female doctor has the “hots” for the newly single lesbian. After following her to the lady’s restroom at a bar, she expresses her interests by giving her a long kiss on the mouth and then smiles before walking off.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is already an inappropriate program for primetime without homosexuality. These writers have missed a perfect opportunity to clean up this program.

Ending the lesbian relationship could have led to the beginning of cleaning up this popular show, but instead jumped right back into supporting this filth.

Take Action

All mothers are familiar with Avon. Please ask Avon to pull ads from “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Avon had two ads run during the last episode of this trashy but popular show. Let them know that you do not approve of their financial backing of this program.

Send Avon an email letter and ask them to stop sponsoring “Grey’s Anatomy” through advertising.

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Thank you for posting this. For those who don’t know, this show began with the lead character, a doctor, going to a bar and picking up an anonymous man for anonymous sex. AIDS anyone? STDs anyone? Bad example?


Your welcome…

I definitely have problems with Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t watch it anymore. Between the way the show began, with Meredith sleeping with someone she didn’t even know, the homosexual content, and a couple of times when abortion came up (even though I never saw and episode where someone actually had one) I don’t like a lot of things I’ve seen on the show.

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