Ask me anything about the Baha'i Faith

“The earth is but one home, and mankind its citizens”



why believe in bahullah?

Could you sum up the Baha’i faith in a short paragraph? I’ve only heard the name before.

Ok…what is it? Never heard of it before.

My understanding is the Baha’i philosophy subscribes to a progressive revelation where major figureheads of religious or spiritual movements are manifestations of God. How does one reconcile this with Christ’s unique claims to divinity as opposed to the Buddha who never claimed divinity but emphasised his teaching? Also, how are stark differences in major religious traditions and their respective canonical works reconciled? For example, Catholics believe in the doctrine of the Real Presence, a pretty unique (if not initially absurd) notion which makes God both personal AND accessible in a very concrete way. How does this mesh with other key doctrines of different religious systems, like reincarnation?

Do the Baha’i support the US 2nd Amendment?

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Ok, how is it pronounced?


Baha’i is from the Persian meaning “glory” or “splendour.” It is pronounced buh-HIGH :slight_smile:

Baha’is support obeying the law of the land, unless it is directly against the law of God. There is a letter by the Universal House of Justice (the supreme governing body of the Baha’i Faith) that briefly touches on this, saying that it is not preferable for Baha’is to own firearms for protection. So, I don’t think there is a definite yes or no.

What constitutes the Law of God for the Baha’i faithful?

Sure! We believe that there is one God, and that all humanity and all religions should be unified. (This does not mean that we believe all religions to be true, however).
God sends His word to humanity through progressive revelations, which include Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and most recently Baha’u’llah, born in 1817 in Persia. We need progressive revelation because, as imperfect humans, over time we corrupt the message of God. So, it must be revealed anew to us. We believe that the Holy Spirit is in each Messenger, and that these Messengers are one and the same.
Our Most Holy Book is called the Kitab-i-Aqdas. (We have many other writings, too numerous to list here, but which can be found online at the Bahai reference library).

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If a law said that we must kill someone, for example, then we would not follow it. The full Baha’i Law is found in the Kitab-i-Aqdas. I can’t post links here, but if you wish to read more, visit the Baha’i reference library online.

If Christ has returned then where are our glorified bodies?

You see, the fundamental problem with the Baha’i faith is its rejection of the resurrection (the foundation of Christianity), as well as it’s emphasis on relative truth, a notion which is inherently opposed to the resurrection since the resurrection affirms one truth, that being Christianity.

From what you’ve said and what I understand a lot of your views are compatible with Catholicism.

What differentiates degrees of truth in Baha’i? By that I mean would you consider Buddhism “more true” than shamanism? Is Christianity “less true” than Islam or Judiasm? And how do you differentiate?

Thanks so much for your answers and patience!

This thread is devoted to asking questions about the Baha’i faith. I know you’ve got good intentions, but, with charity, I think debating on the truth of the faith would be best on a thread specifically for that purpose. :slight_smile:


This is a Catholic Forum, specifically Catholic “Answers” Forum. Any time is a good time to spread the truth of Christ, especially in this situation, the opportunity has been granted. The Baha’i Faith is a man made religion which inherited much of its problems through another man made religion known as Islam.


From the Baha’i viewpoint, is it possible to become Baha’i while still maintaining one’s former religion?

Fair, although I see a lot of threads here for non-Catholic religions. As someone who is a fan of your church (and was once Catholic), I believe that opening up a dialogue between our two faiths is important. I’m trying to learn more about Catholicism, and questions I have come from a Baha’i PoV. Misunderstandings aren’t very helpful, so hopefully this will prevent some of them

I’m very sorry that you left the Church. I pray that you come back to the truth, that is Christ, who is the light of the world. Baha’ullah is dead, Muhammad is dead, Mani is dead, Joseph Smith is dead, Ellen G. White is dead, Guru Nanak is dead; even Moses is dead, yet Moses bore witness of a greater one coming after him, and Christ came into the world to be to us a new Moses, and Christ graced Moses so that in Christ he may live, and all of us may live, for Christ is alive, he is the risen Lord of the world. Everyone else dies and has no power to raise himself up, yet Christ lives forever and has the power to do all things, and in him we live.

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