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Oh such prejudice is sadly very much still at work, I live near a Jewish area of London and you find comments shouted at Jews about ‘they should have all gone in the ovens’ and spray painted Swastikas on the playgrounds where little kids play quite regularly. Very sadly.


That sounds most uncivilized.


I’ve never been terribly convinced that the majority of mankind is civilized sadly.


Is that where the Pantera business got their name?


I really have no idea, but it seems unlikely to me.


In the Neocatechumenal communities around the world we show an exemplary openness toward Judaism, acknowledging our elder faith brothers in the Jews! As the promise cannot be broken, we see in the Sons of Yahweh the true people of God marching to eternal bliss in heaven. As Christians, we struggle to emulate their way and look at Jesus as our hope to share in the promise given to our father Abraham.


Is it true that in Israel Reform Jews are not accepted as 100% Jewish?


Yes, the official custom is to leave an area of 1 square “amah” (about 18in x 18in) of the home opposite the doorway as you walk in unfinished/unpainted as a sign of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple. However, there are exceptions, like if you bought a house already you don’t have to scrape off the paint, so many do not visibly observe this custom.


Except for the last line and a half, the Kaddish is, interestingly enough, in Aramaic, not Hebrew. Here is a link to a transliteration and translation of the Mourner’s Kaddish (there are 4 or 5 versions used upon different occasions, adding or subtracting a few lines).


Never even heard this before. Disgusting.


That’s not really true. Reform conversions are not recognized within Israel because they do not fulfill Orthodox standards, and the Israeli Rabbinate is Orthodox. Other than that, they are recognized as Jewish.
On the topic of if Orthodox Jews consider adherents of non-Orthodox movements Jewish, 99% will tell you “they are Jewish but we do not consider the religion they practice to be authentic Judaism”. Note that Orthodoxy itself has dozens of “streams” so to speak, that all recognize each other with very little exception. The typical dividing line between Orthodox and Non is fealty to the “13 Principles of Maimonides” (Google it.)
This is also apart from the conversion question as mentioned above.


Thank you. This is very beautiful.


Quick question about Kaddish. Recently of all things there was an episode of the Waltons where at the end a Jewish soldiers says Kaddish at Grandpa Walton’s graveside. The back story was essentially that the soldier was serving with the second oldest Walton son and that he stayed with them on leave. Late at night he and Jason Walton sat up talking about their family and in particular their grandfathers. The Jewish guy’s granddad was dead but he had no grave to visit as he had been killed somewhere in Poland. At the end of the episode he decided as a mark of respect to the family he was staying with to say Kaddish for both grandfathers at Grandpa Walton’s grave. I’m not sure this was exactly accurate as I thought a certain number of other Jews had to be present for Kaddish. I can see why the producers may have bent the rules though as the actor who played the character was an early and tireless opponent of fascism in real life and also at least one other episode centred on him showing his disgust with fascism. Also a noteworthy episode for showing John Walton Senior not able to believe the horrors of the Holocaust because he could simply not wrap his mind around how people could behave like that to other human beings. When it was confirmed to him by his son and the Jewish soldier you could see the actor doing a good job of portraying a man confronted by evil.


OP, do you look forward to the construction of the Third Temple?


Hello. I have another question if it’s ok. What is the overall belief of the Afterlife in Judaism? Thank you


In Christianity , marriages are made in heaven, and cannot christianin to have one wife for sex, another for procreation. It is also not free for a Christian to have several wives or to live with a concubine. What is the doctrine of marriage for the follower of Judaism?


Not familiar with the show as I don’t watch tv, but there needs to be a minyan (quorum) of 10 men to say Kaddish.


Polygamy is allowed by the Torah but only if each wife can be properly provided all her material and emotional needs. Rabbis outlawed it about 1000 years ago because in the very few cases it was happening, it was not always done properly. This ban was accepted universally along Ashkenazi Jews and also in many Sefardic communities. Today, with polygamy outlawed in Israel and Western countries, it would be almost impossible to find a Jew with two wives. Maybe some really old people from Yemen, where polygamy was practiced untill modern times.


It is one of the fundamental principles of faith that God rewards righteous deeds and punishes wicked deeds. But, we don’t know too much about exactly how that’s all going to work. Here is something I posted quite a while ago on the topic: Two Jewish Questions


What are your thoughts on the zodiac in ancient synagogues?
Such images would be allowed in today’s synagogues, right?

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