Ask me anything: Episcopalian Edition


Ask me anything about being a semi-religious American Episcopalian.


Semi-religious? Is this an agnostic thing going on or?


How do Episcopalians justify abortion, contraception, sex before marriage, same sex relations, gender transitioning, interpreting the Bible, etc…?


We all have doubt at points, but I stay faithful throughout.


How much different is it from R. Catholicism?


What is your view on the Episcopalian Liturgy, as well as Holy Communion?


Before I became Catholic, I was a semi-religious American Lutheran. Aren’t they about the same? In which ways do they differ? (Except the Episcopalians have their “primates,” which makes me think of gorillas, led by a venerable silver-backed gorilla.) I know the Episcopal church is allowed to select new bishops from among their own clergy and from Lutheran clergy, so they must recognize the vast similarity of the churches.


The ELCA is in communion with the Episcopal Church. LCMS and WELS are not.


Yes, that’s what my church was.


Why “St. John Divine” for many Episcopalian churches?


Catholics have that title as well.


Oh. I never heard that.


Will the splits in the Episcopalian church between moderates and conservatives eventually lead to it’s demise?


Wow, going for the knockout punch early.


Need the popcorn-eating emoji.


Due to America being a baby in the overall scheme of Catholic hierarchy, we’ve never gotten one.
Other, older, more historically Catholic countries (Poland, Austria, Portugal) have them.


I got ya, GK


Woah. Energetic.


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Looking for an expectant spectator sort.

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