Ask me why I'm Catholic

Our Newman Center shirt this year has the phrase “Ask me why I"m Catholic” written on the back. I’ve been praying about it and trying to come up with some good, but not too long answers. We will be wearing these shirts all over our campus as we help move students in. I’ve got an answer or two in mind, but I’d like to know what others think!

I am Catholic because I want to be united with our Lord Jesus Christ in His true world wide Church, 1.1 billion strong!

I used to reply:

I am Catholic because I want to eat His Flesh

but now I re-phrase a bit:

I am Catholic because I want to come-into-union (communion) with Jesus through the Eucharist.


1.) I’m Catholic because I believe in the “Communion of Saints”.
2.) I’m Catholic because I know and honor the Eucharist as the Real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

I am a Catholic because it is the only Christian denomination that traces its roots back to the Apostles, except for the EO which broke away from the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the only one that has the Authority given by Jesus and if it failed at some point then Jesus got it wrong about the gates of hell never prevailinf against it, which means He was/is not God after all.

That’s why I am a Catholic. Because I am a Christian!

I’d say that I am Catholic because:

— The Church has an unbroken history from the time of Christ.
— The form of the New Testament was determined by this Church.
— Christ said, ‘You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church’ and only the Catholic Church claims succession from St Peter.
— Christ said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. Meaning the Church would never die out… and it hasn’t over a period of 2000 years.
— Christ said to Peter, ‘I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be considered loosed in heaven’. This has allowed the Church to continue to develop over the ages making what it is today.
…and on a more personal note:
— I’m Catholic because God led me to be Catholic.

I am Catholic because:

  1. Only the Catholic Church invites me to be perfect.
  2. Only the Catholic Church teaches me how to be perfect.

… because I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church.
… because of the Eucharist.
… the chair of Peter is in the catholic church.

  1. I’m CATHOLIC because I love the Sacraments of Our Church!
  2. I’m CATHOLIC because God Chose me!

With much love and thanksgiving,
Angel Face :amen:

I am Catholic because the best place to follow Jesus is in the Church He founded to teach us how to follow Him!

I am Catholic because the it is TRUE. The Church holds the truth.

Because of my Catholic FAITH. F=Father, A I = and I, TH= Thereafter.

I am not a Catholic, : ) but Id hope that the reasoning for the shirt is to share the Gospel. So Id say.

I am a " …" because I have been saved by the grace of God through faith.


2,000 years ago our God and King Jesus came and humbled Himself in the form of a man to die for my sins and the sins of many on a cross where he took on the wrath of God that I deserved to pay for on a cross and rose again 3 days later conquering death. By faith in His works which were perfect, I am made perfect in the sight of God and am living in liberty and restored relationship to the God of all that is. Then I may ask do you know Jesus?

God Bless

Did you come up with an answer yet?

To me, it is about Grace at this point. You experience it, other people want it. Grace to me is the missing link for people who are not Catholic.

Grace. Knowing you are loved, worthy, and love others.

Thank you everyone for posting! Your comments have helped me shape and form what I’d like to say if and when I’m asked. Other students from the Newman Center have had people ask them. I’ve worn the shirt on campus several times but so far I have not been asked, but I’m sure that God has a plan for the timing!

I think a better question (or t-shirt slogan) would be, Why aren’t you Catholic?

You would probably get more responses, and it would also challenge you to know your faith better as more people would be inclined to respond. :wink:

Once one has discovered the only body of faith whose founder’s tomb is empty, why would you entertain others?

wxboss, I feels as if the the phrase “Why aren’t you Catholic?” may be a little too hostile/antagonistic for a college campus. It may not be conducive to starting an open conversation about the faith. I fear it may start an argument about the faith instead. Those who ask us about the shirts and genuinly want to know are really asking in a subliminal way, “Why should I be Catholic?”

hello everyone,
I’m Catholic because of our founder and Saviour the Lord Jesus Chrisit.

jesus g:thumbsup:

I love you all, and I love this one, that is it in a nut shell :D:love:!Carlan


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