Ask Sun Products to pull ad from 'Cougar Town'

October 7, 2009

                                                                  ** Ask Sun Products to pull ad from 'Cougar Town' **

                                      It is almost impossible to describe the depth of depravity found in the new ABC sitcom, "Cougar Town." It airs on Wednesday nights at 9:30/8:30c immediately following "Modern Family." This new program is horrendous. The main character, Jules, played by Courtney Cox, is obsessed and attracted to younger men. She is in her forties, and recently divorced with a teenage son.

Curse words used during this 30 minute sitcom include, but are not limited to: Hll, bstrd, pssy, whr, b*tch and several uses of the Lord’s Name in vain.

Every scene is filled with immoral sxual innuendos or immoral sxual situations. It is impossible to list them all, so here are a few scenes of this PG rated show:

In one scene the mom is holding two glasses of wine, because her best friend just canceled their date. She asks her son if he’d like to stay in with her tonight. He makes a joke about her trying to hit on him and she looks at the wine saying, “Oh no, I was actually noticing how hot Ellie was looking lately and I was going to get her drunk and try to ‘hit that’.” To which her son replies, “Awesome lesbian mom joke.”

Jules is at a football game with her son and her assistant, Laurie. Jules looks at her son, Travis, and says, “Oh, Travis! Your math teacher has new boobs!” She goes on to spot a young man and says to her assistant, “You see that young gentleman right there? I’d love to lick his body.”

It’s not long before her assistant, Laurie, gets her to a bar where she meets a very young man. Later, he stops by her house and Jules lets him in. They have sx three times and while they are lying by the pool she’s going on and on about how great he was and then tells him she’s going to do something for him she always told her husband she hated. She then proceeds to have oral sx with him just as her ex-husband and son walk in on them.

This comedy is anything but funny!

**Take Action

Please send Sun Products Corporation an email letter and urge them to pull their sponsorship of this new filthy program “Cougar Town.”**


Thank you for posting that.

How long before graphic porn appears on ABC? Next season?


There is a little device which stops these kind of shows on TV…it’s called an “off button”.:slight_smile:

Indifference is bad. Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. Otherwise, it becomes OK by default, because network executives do ask if any complaints came in. If not, they can say that “people” don’t have a problem with the show. And every time that happens, the “envelope,” as they call it, gets pushed a little farther – to the next worse thing.


What e-mail address do I need to send the letter to? I distrust those mass e-mail senders. They are a cheap way to get a cause done and most of them send you unwanted letters and subscription forms.

onemillionmoms is pretty good that way. I only get emails of this sort from them and AFA.

Thanks for making us aware of this!
I went to the Sun Products website to see what they produce. They make things like Snuggle fabric softener and Surf detergent.
Here is a quote from their site:
“Integrity in all things: Doing the right thing.“
They also talk about making the world” a cleaner more beautiful place”.:frowning:
Apparently they’re only talking about the physical and definitely not the moral or psychological!

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