Asking About Liturgical Rules on Charismatic Communities

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A TV Healing Mass here in the Philippines has some forms of inculturation in the Mass such as liturgical dancing, the choir singing when the host/chalice is being elevated in the consecration, and the like. I am very much curious about the stance of the Church is on these forms of inculturation. And also, please be noted that this TV Mass is called a “Charismatic Mass” since the group operating this TV Mass to this very day is a Catholic charismatic community.

This TV Mass was conducted and still is conducted to the present day in SM Megamall’s (yes, it is a mall that has a chapel) Chapel, named the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord, located in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

To see what I mean, please search “Sunday TV Healing Mass for the Homebound (April 22, 2012)” on YouTube.

Well, setting aside the fact that this Mass is 8 years ago already, here’s the video:

Where exactly do they do the liturgical dance? All I saw was people raising their arms as they stood in the pews, which is normal at charismatic Mass even in USA. I skipped around and didn’t watch the whole thing so maybe I missed it.

That chapel is impressive looking - the giant crucified Jesus and the tabernacle behind the altar where it should be are already huge improvements over a lot of churches I’ve been in. If it’s in a mall then that probably encourages people to stop by the Mass as well.

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I assume he is referring to the dancing at around 4:00.


Bear in mind that for many of us who are not in the Philippines or familiar, we won’t be able to help much about the proper inculturation. The Church leaves much of that to the local bishops’ conference with Vatican approval, so it’s likely that something is permitted we aren’t familiar with or aware of that otherwise wouldn’t be “the norm” elsewhere in the world.

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OK, I see the dance now. Cor_ad_Cor is right that liturgical dancing may be permitted in cultures where dancing is culturally associated with religious worship. This is not the case in Western culture; dancing is associated with secular and profane stuff here, so we don’t do it at Mass. However, I’m not Filipino and I don’t know how dance is viewed in their culture, so I can’t really comment.


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Thank you for your answers, it is surely some sort of help for my question!

The charismatic movement worldwide is under the control of the local Ordinary. If you have questions or issues, you might direct an inquiry to the Archdiocese.

You want to see a mass which will shock - SHOCK!!! - traditional western Catholics? Watch some African masses. Some go on for hours.

What you will witness is an unusual Catholic experience called…


Sometimes, we are so focused, so lasered in on reverence that we may forget that the the Christian coin has a flip side called joy.


Yes, indeed. Evangelization in the Philippines can happen everywhere, even in malls. There are malls here that offer Sunday and weekday masses and have their own chapels so that people can pray.

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