Asking about my dreams about rosary.. need enlightenment

Hello everyone… i had a dream last night that someone is giving me a red rosary and that i met Jesus Christ i tried to look clearly in his face but its like i cant see him clearly… then he also give me green rosary and i wake up i have tears in my eyes…
to be honest im not that devoted about religion… i was born catholic but i lose belief of any religion… thou i pray my own way and sometimes i also pray rosary when i can… im not sure what my dreams means… so i ask all to enlighten me…

Welcome to CAF! What do you Think your dream means?

That is very interesting that you had these dreams last night. Today is the solemnity of the sacred heart of Jesus. The red and green could refer to red and green scapulars. The red scapular is for sacred heart of Jesus and green scapular is for immaculate heart of Mary. Are you praying the Rosary everyday? If not, I definitely would.


Prayer is always a good answer to dreams like this.

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