Asking for ban and recall of Assassin's Creed II

Hello fellow Catholics.

I know this is my first post, but it involves urgent matters. Our faith is being smeared and dragged through the mud in the guise of childish entertainment. Our Church leaders have called for a transnational boycott of the videogame

Assassin’s Creed II:

and its predecessor Assassin’s Creed:

This game and its creators Ubisoft Montreal have openly defamed the Church and must be recalled and banned.

Many in my parish and church aren’t very tech savvy, but some youngems have helped me post of the insidious messages preached by the game:

If any other religion, such as Judaism and Islam, was mocked in a “VIDEOGAME” as such as this, it would have been recalled quickly, as rightlyfully so.

This is not free speech. This is open blasphemy with libel and slander mixed in.

Once again, I’m not very tech savvy, but we have called Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal Customer Service to complain.We’ve also contacted our local radio and news services along with our surrounding churches.

We ask, as your brothers and sisters in Christ, to help spare the young from such demonic and blasphemous messages.

Thank you very much for your time. I’m off to contact some more online Catholic and Christian communities.

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I never like assassins creed anyway and this just gave 1 more reason not to ever play it ever in my life :smiley:

If the World hates you remember that it hated me first, no servant is greater than his master, If they persecuted me they will also persecute you.

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Aww, that’s so Christian of you, giving them such a lovely early Christmas gift even though you don’t like them. EA paid good money for what you’re giving for free.

Ummm… ok?

How about if we made a video game where we go hunt down and slaughter atheists? How would you like that?

If they do not believe in a Power that gives us a conscious and laws to know right from wrong, then I don’t know why this should matter to them.

I don’t see how that’s in any way relevant to my point. I wasn’t commenting on the content of the game, or how it might or might not be offensive. I was merely pointing out that EA has recently spent a lot of money in an attempt to fake or provoke this exact reaction.

As for a game where you kill atheists, what of it? I don’t see how that’s fundamentally different from a game where you kill anyone else. Killing anybody is wrong, but killing people in video games is fiction, and except for the mentally unstable, people can tell the difference. If somebody made a game all about hunting atheists, and it was well made, had a good story and entertaining game play, I’d certainly buy it.

*I did not like this game either :(…my son doesn’t play it anymore. *

Very seldom do a i agree with atheists. But its true. Most of the time when a company wants to drum up some free publicity they insult someone or a group of people. Now Christians are the most common target because we are less likely to go out and kill them and their families. They do this all the time. Now at the risk of sounding paranoid. I think…wouldn’t be suprise if mike crook ends up being from EA. Trying to do what logic just said Ya know stir the pot a little. I think If EA wanted to sell some games they should start putting out some good ones. Instead of depending on hyped up controversy. And if mike is from EA. I saw a preview of the new battlefield. Could you please tone down the chatter. I’m not talking about the swearing. I’m talking about the general talk. Everyone on my gaming forum thinks there is too much talking. Cant hear anything else.

My bad Assassins creed is produced by ubisoft. Not EA unless ubisoft is a sub company of EA. Who kows who owns what when it comes to companies. Look at disney

Ubisoft and EA are rivals, though EA owns about 20% of Ubisoft from a hostile takeover. I’m sorry if my comment was misleading as to the publisher of Assassin’s Creed, I was referencing EA’s recent…creative…advertisements for Dante’s Inferno.

I quite liked Assassins Creed 1, didn’t see too much wrong with it as the Protagonist seemed to be out to get people from varied faiths, the game itself didn’t seem to have a set agenda against the Church. Then again, I never completed it so never obtained a fuller picture.

That being said, the scenery was breathtaking, and worth the asking price alone to be able to wander freely around 12th century Jerusalem! I didnt care much for the plot;)

So, whats the upraor with ACII? My younger brother has got it, but I’d like to know what’s so objectionable. How bad is the blasphemy?:frowning: I hope they haven’t resorted to a Dan Brown form of writing.

Sounds to me like you just rewarded this trash with free publicity and free notoriety of the “Grand Theft Auto” variety. (Everybody has heard of GTA.) I clicked on the links to see what all the fuss is about, and I’m left scratching my head as to how or why this is the most pressing priority right now. If anything, this video game now has a “head start” before Black Friday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into the next GTA with all the free publicity it’s getting.

It’s not a comic book. It’s not a TV show. It’s a video game (which costs money: they’re not cheap) that requires enough developmental skills to have some basic hand-to-eye coordination. I find it VERY difficult to believe that with all the video games out there, kids are somehow going to latch on to this one unless (of course) they, too, wanted to see “what all the fuss is about.”

Can I ask you lads back at EA to actually prodcue some decent games instead of engaging in this type of nonsense.

There is nothing wrong with Assasins Creed. So what if you can kill priests? Its a well known fact that priests during the time the games are set werent the friendly neigborhood pastor, but rather very violent and deprave individuals who directly disregarded there vows. Priests were known to have wives or give confessions as evidence in court. There is nothing wrong with Altair and Enzio stamping out evil. Now I’m not saying all Medieval/Rennasiance priests were evil, just check out Tom Aquinas, but a few of them were, and thats why reform took hold. The games also document this, as priests hide you from pursuing guards.

And as for your ‘Why arent Muslims killed?’ theory, in the original Assasins Creed many Muslims are your targets, as well as Christians, and both are equally cruel and vicious.

All in all its a great game with incredible gameplay and a amazing plot. I see nothing wrong with it except for semi repetitative gameplay and a cliff hanger ending.

Mr. Crook, I think you need to look for real acts of anti-Catholicism, like when in my home state of Conneticut the legistalture tried to take control of the church, not stupid little jabs like the Da Vinci Code or that Simpsons episode.

EA must have a whole team of these eejits playing serve and return all over the net I think…


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This is a Catholic forum, charity is not optional! :thumbsup:

Not going to happen.

I’m currently playing the game, and I absolutely love it. The attention to detail and plethora of historical nonfiction melded into the game make it one of the most enjoyable titles to date.

And for goodness sake, you have full conversations and assistance with THE Leonardo Da Vinci. That ALONE make the history buff in me want to squeal.

Allow me to systematically dissect the idiocy of your post, piece by piece.

Talk about exaggeration and hyperbole. The main point of the game’s storyline revolves around the Pazzi conspiracy, with a number of fictional liberties taken to make the story more videogame worthy. Did you see that keyword there? FICTION? As in, “Most of the topics discussed in this work are neither accurate nor true, so do take care not to intentionally ignore this fact just so you can give yourself reason to whine like a idiot.”

Please refrain from believing that your beliefs are somehow under siege every single time a popular game featuring a religion-connected storyline is released. If you’re going to pitch a hissy fit whenever the church is discussed in less than loving terms, you either are well on your way being a psychological wreck.

Now, for your links? All you did was post clips of the game’s final boss battle, the ending, and some half-assed summary that was written in a sarcastic manner. If you’re going to refer to sources, try actually a) reading/watching them, and b) making sure they’re reliable. You’ve done nothing with these links but make your cause look are the more silly.

Hey. Guess what. The first game DID address Islam. In fact, most of the game took place in JERUSALEM. And yes, you kill corrupt priests. But it’s not like Catholicism doesn’t know a thing or two about that, now do they?

Buddy, it’s still free speech. Just because something disagrees with your beliefs does not make it so.

If it offends you, don’t expose yourself to it. Your beliefs do not give you the right to judge what should and should not be permitted to exist.

Is EA at least giving all you lads who are suddenly appearing on this thread as new members a collectors edition of the game with some goodies with it?

Psst You’ve done it three times now, if you want anybody to pay attention, you might want to target your comments towards Ubisoft, who made the game, instead of EA.

Also, “all you”? I see the OP and Zezin, not exactly a crowd. I’ll second Zezin’s post by the way, minus the bits where he calls people idiots. I picked the game up on Saturday, and it really is fantastic. I’ve put 20 hours into it already, I can’t remember the last time a game got anywhere close to that much of my time in such a short period.

I don’t see the full problem with the game…yet, especially since many clergy back then weren’t exactly good, and this game says nothing about their office. The office is holy, not the person. Also, this game is rated M, so kids aren’t SUPPOSED to play this, unless they were attracted by promises of controversy.

While I agree that it isn’t the best material to play, trying to stir up controversy will only get them more sales, and more people will buy it and see this “evil”. That’s why games are so controversial nowadays, because controversy sells, and it’s a saddening fact. If people did not make a big deal of it, nobody would really care in the end.

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