Asking for ban and recall of Assassin's Creed II

Ach I couldn’t be bothered, games makers have been performing stupid publicity stunts since home gaming on PCS and consoles started. I’m not interested in anyone ‘paying attention’ just raising a cynical eyebrow.

Ha, I do apologize for that. My wonderment at the sheer…senselessness…of the first post overruled common decency.

So…anybody still seriously considering a boycott of AC2…it already sold 1.6 million copies its first week. You might be a little late.

Yea sorry I honestly thought the guy was really calling for a ban on ACII. Yea I dont work of EA or Ubisoft, just kinda mad about one of my favorite games being called anti-Catholic.

In this world, there are people who have nothing more worthwhile to do than make noise. And as we’ve seen in the first post of this topic, such people will voluntary ignore any and all facts concerning an issue when doing so, with the exception of the ones they can twist to fit their whining.

Is Assassin’s Creed anti-Catholic? That’s an opinion. Like most media, the game is open to interpretation, depending on the person (or want the person WANTS to see). Some of us see that the game does little more than depict the corruption of the Church during 13th century Italy. Others take this to a point of religious extremism and cry for blood, as they lack the maturity to tolerate anything that disagrees with or does not glorify their beliefs.

But hey, it takes all kinds to make a village.

EA attacks the Catholic Church (Christians) the same reason that in the movie 2012 the Vatican is blown up but not the meteorite the muslims worship in saudi arabia. Sad to say but Christians and the Church were neutered some time ago so they present an easy target. There will be some yelling and screaming but nothing else. Look what happened with the mohammed cartoon. Muslims may be wrong but they take their religion seriusly!

Assassin’s Creed was always a dumb game, not because of this Church incident, but it’s only because Metal Gear Solid was a lot better.

MGS >>>>>> Assassin’s Creed

I hated AC1 because of the entire sci-fi bent to the story. It was stupid and took away from the game itself I felt. I had no intention of getting AC2.

So following your logic, everything that that isn’t the best (in your humble opinion) is, by default, dumb.

Too many things wrong with that to even begin commenting on.

For the record, despite it’s repetitive nature, I really enjoyed the first Assassin’s Cree game. I am thoroughly enjoying Assassin’s Creed 2.

*My son plays Call of Duty/Modern Warfare, and says…’‘all games pale in comparison.’’ It’s definitely a game of strategy and skill. It’s amazing what they can do with these games nowadays…so lifelike! *

I was delighted to see this thread as I couldn’t find any discussion on this issue. I certainly agree that video games are fiction, but I do think this game crosses the line. The ending has a very anti-Catholic message, indeed anti-Christian message. There is so much blasphemy in the last part of this game, that it seems almost intentionally placed there.

Here is a summary of what I found troublesome for those of you who were fortunate enough to not have witnessed it.

The ending of the game requires the “hero” to infiltrate St. Peter’s and kill Pope Alexander VI. Some have argued that they intentionally chose a Pope with a negative history, but to me the concept of breaking into one of the most Sacred places in the Church to assassinate a Pope while he is saying Mass shows a complete disregard for Catholic people.

During the confrontation, the Pope kills the whole congregation. He says he became Pope for power and in reference to the Holy Bible says " a book written by man…that book is all lies and superstition…Do you think I believe a g****mn word of that ridiculous book?"

After the Pope is left for dead, a chamber opens in St. Peter’s where the hero is met by a glowing woman who says she is minerva and claims that she along with the others Juno, Jupiter are “we who made you”, We who gave you life" “We who built you in our own image”. She says she is not speaking to the hero, but to the person who is watching through him…now that is part of the story line, but it also could be interpreted as being the gameplayer, a more sinister concept. The last thing that is said " Guard against the Cross for there are many who will stand in your way".

So this game takes the most sacred places, sacraments, scripture and beliefs of the Catholic and intentionally desecrates them. This is something that even with free speech is generally considered taboo for most religions, yet somehow Ubisoft has gotten away with it.

Yes this is a work of fiction, but sadly by becoming a mainstream and popular video game, it shows a new level of disregard for millions of Catholics. And surprisingly, the only place I have seen any commentary on this issue is this thread.

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I’m going to have to agree that there are people taking this game too seriously. I haven’t played it yet, but I do plan on getting it. The whole thing about killing the Pope is a little edgy though, but i guess it is just justice seeing as he is made out to be evil (the historical accuracy of this is unknown to me). It just seems that the game creators are having you kill evil people who just happen to be part of the Catholic Church. Is there any proof of disrespect against the Church itself?

Most of this game does not involve the Church in any way. It focuses on politics of Italy at the time, with an occassional joke about the papacy. The surprise is the ending, when all of the sudden, the arch villian becomes Pope. They used a real Pope for this character rather than a fictitious one, which I feel would have been in better taste; although, the Pope in question has a sordid history. While this is a work of fiction, once you introduce real historical names and places, I feel it is harder to hide behind the cloak of “this is just fiction so you should take no offense”.

There is no question that the character being killed in the end was responsible for the death of the main character’s family, so targeting him fits in the storyline. Also Enzio questions him about how he can be Pope and “dismiss the central text of your faith”, at which point he denounces the Bible…that too could be part of the story.

But then to have a vault open up in St. Peter’s to meet “god” and discover Minerva…a pagan god…who claims she and the other pagan gods created man…that becomes even more of an afront to Catholics. Minerva claims not to be a god, but some sort of power we don’t understand…as with the ending of Assassins Creed I it is cryptic. The last thing that is said is “Guard against the Cross…for there are many who will stand in your way”.

So I have had a hard time with this game. I can’t say a video game has ever upset me before, and I am all for free speech etc. But despite how I try, this game seems at least insensitive to Catholics and personally I feel it crossed the line. I just feel Catholics should be aware of the ending before they buy it. I am still questioning myself if I am over-reacting to this though as you can probably tell from this post.

Well that seals it for me. Shame. I looked so pretty, but I can’t tolerate that sort of blatant attack on the sole source of humanity’s salvation.

They have the right to say it in this country, no doubt. Doesn’t change the fact that it is a deliberate assault on my faith.

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The “Guard against the Cross . . .” quote isn’t meant to be a slander against the faith. The red cross was the insignia used by the Knights Templar who are the main villains in the game. It is telling the character to be wary of the Templars.

The “Guard against the Cross . . .” quote isn’t meant to be a slander against the faith. The red cross was the insignia used by the Knights Templar who are the main villains in the game. It is telling the character to be wary of the Templars.

Because it can’t be both?

You go to the heart of Christendom to find pagan gods, who are not gods, telling us that it is not real and I’m supposed to buy that the quote is not a dig against the faith?

I don’t know, I feel that the ending (with the pagan gods, etc.) is such a blatant attack against Catholicism that it can be easily ignored by anybody old enough to play the game.
I don’t think there will be any conversions to paganism because of it.

Conversion to paganism isn’t the problem. I can’t stomach blasphmey.

Just to help me understand your argument, do you think any/all fictional stories (book, movie, video game) are wrong that deal with other ideas than God as the creator of man? Say a movie about aliens creating life on Earth and how that life evolved.

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