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Hello friends!

I’ve joined Catholic answers to ask for some help in finding a scripture study that I discovered earlier this year. My wife and son were staying in another city while he was hospitalized and I spend countless hours cleaning our home, finishing projects, and listening to Catholic podcasts. My phone was bogged down by the number of tabs I had open and I did a history/ temporary data clear that wiped out all the cool new Catholic links I discovered.

Long story short I just recently was trying to remember a specific Bible study that I listened to at that time but it’s escaping me (good news is I rediscovered some of the other links I had found along the way).

Here’s what I remember:

The Bible study was put on by a Catholic fraternity or charity organization that was aimed at lay people.

The recordings were- if memory serves- archived on the website of said charity/ fraternity.

The recordings may have been from the 90s or early 2000s at the latest, and were all recorded by the same priest.

The priest was a young and humble man who had sort of an east coast type accent.

I read an obituary that the same priest passed away at a fairly young age (maybe between 45-55 years old).

I did not get very far into it but he literally read through chapter and verse. Some verses he would gloss over but other verses he would delve into profound meditation on. I made it through just a portion of Genesis but I believe he covered a good deal of at least the Pentateuch.

The recordings were made in a public forum type setting or more likely a local parish as you could hear other people in the background. They were originally broadcast as part of a radio series.

The only other information I remember finding on the priest was a YouTube video of him on a television show that was recorded in I think the early 2000s.

If anyone has any tips to help me along I would much appreciate it. I’m sorry if the information is vague, but I would have likely already found it if I remembered more than that. Thank you so much!

God bless.

Father Al Lauer (+2002)?

That’s it! Thanks Vico!

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