Asking for prayer for safety and wellbeing!


hi all- just another request to ask for prayer as we wait to find out if DH will lose his job in the next couple of weeks. We are on edge already...then this morning we discover that his car was broken into! thank God he doesn't keep anything in it, so nothing was stolen. however, I am in panic that some sort of identifying info could have been taken without our knowledge, although he says he doesn't believe there was anything in the car. We called the police, and they took an over the phone report, but state that they won't come out unless something of value was taken. I feel just completely violated. I would like to get a home alarm system, but frankly, we can't afford it! He had some CD's that weren't even touched- although I told him that was because the thieves were probably young kids and they don't want his 70's and 80's music!!!! We have neighbors that are home all day and they have a special needs son that lives with them and parks his car out on the street. I think we are going to go over there tonight and see if they will park in our driveway during the day. Any other ideas? thanks-twk


We have had cars stolen, too. :mad:

You are in my prayers.


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