Asking for prayers for marriage convalidation

Hello all,

I am returning to the Catholic church after being raised Protestant but baptized Catholic. I have had my first marriage anulled, have been going to Mass for a year, and my 13 year old daughter and I will be in RCIA in the fall. Since I have started reading about the faith and attending Mass, my husband, who was a severely fallen away Catholic, has started going to Mass again after 20 years(THANKS BE TO GOD), but will not get our marriage convalidated because he says it is “too much church.” I ask for prayers to change his heart, as I long to have our marriage blessed. We are very close to being unequally yoked, and that scares me. I try not to mention very much about my awesome, renewed relationship with our Lord, and at times, have been guilty of holding back, or not attending Mass if it was not convenient for everyone, but I can no longer do that. I must move forward, and I have. So, I ask for prayers for God to change his heart, and for him to do what I know he knows he should do. The pull of the world is so strong.

Thank you,

I will pray for you morning and night! Please include my marriage in your prayers, if you will!

My husband was baptized catholic, but suffered grievous abuses at the hands of Catholic and Evangelical caretakers when he was a child, which made him reluctant even to enter a church building for a long time before meeting me. His heart has since been opened to the Lord and we will have our civil marriage convalidated when my husband comes to join me in the states this summer (I met him doing missionary work in Guatemala). Please pray that the Lord continue to work His wonders with the two of us, drawing us closer to Him…

You know, some very good advice that St. Francis de Sales wrote in a letter to a married woman seeking help for such matters is this: make your devotion to the Lord attractive. Your husband’s heart will be more easily touched by God if he sees that your increased devotion to Christ makes you an ever more patient, loving wife to him. If you want I could find the whole letter and PM it to you.

I thank you for your prayers, and will certainly pray for you. And thank you for the advice about keeping my faith attractive. The truth is that I have become much more patient and have developed a more gentle spirit since I have come back to God. I think that he realizes this, but he is not one to comment on such matters. Even before that, I was not one to complain or demand much. It seems as if talking about God or the things of God makes him squeamish. But, he does go to Mass occasionally now, so I will continue to pray.


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