Asking for prayers for my family


Just got an email from my dad below. My grandmother (who raised me since I was a child) went in for a hernia surgery a few months ago and the doctor found a tumor near her stomach. She finished up radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago but apparently the outlook for her is grim at this point.

I would appreciate your prayers for strength for our family.

Thank You

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It is hard for me to tell you but, DR Watson called yesterday and, said
that as much pain that mother is in and by the tests, that she didn’t think mother would be with us much into the new year…now is time to be with her before too much pain medicine…Dad is taking it very hard…be strong for them…


God will help you with this. He has promised NEVER to leave us even through our darkest hours. Your family is in my prayers.:gopray2:


Our prayers are with you.


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