Asking for prayers to leave behind drugs and alcohol


Hello all,

I was just writing to ask for your prayers. I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately and just need some motivation.

Relatively recently, I’ve been using a rather copious amount of drugs and alcohol. In addition to other things, it’s been a pretty bad downward spiral. Fortunately, I haven’t been getting into any hard drugs and haven’t gotten into any legal trouble. Hopefully, by eradicating this now, I will be able to stop any further damage.

All I’m really asking for is your prayers during this time. Thanks!


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Hey you hang in there. It looks like you are starting down the right path now. Just remember to pray everday. Asking God to soften your heart and to draw to close to Him.


Hey buddy you will definately be in my prayers, I went through a similar situation a few years back before I became Catholic, may I also recomend to you the sacrament of penance, even if your sins arent mortal going to confession will help you to obtain the grace you need to get away from these things. I pray that God blesses you with that grace to break these bonds, Take Care Your brother in Christ,
ps feel free to pm me if you would like




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