Asking God for Strength


Hello everyone, I've been asking God for some strength to get my work done and it doesn't feel like he's helping me. I keep telling myself to keep my trust in him and that he will eventually help me but that hope is slipping away. What am I to do in this situation? If I do eventually get some motivation back, how would I know if it was his doing and not my own?



I will praying that God will show you where you should be and will also give you strength and motivation to accomplish your work.


It is certainly discouraging when we lose motivation. I hope things will improve and be happier for you soon. It isn't clear, however, in what area you have lost motivation.

Sometimes it can be helpful to look at the reasons why you have lost motivation, to see if there is anything you yourself can do about it. God often wishes us to sort these things out by means He has already provided, our own good sense, and our purpose for doing things.

Loss of motivation can mean that we may need to look for a spiritual, psychological, or practical reason. The problem can be caused or worsened can sometimes by health issues. We to ensure we get enough rest, eat healthy food, and live with a genuine wish to act in a way that benefits others lives.

If things do improve it will be through grace, but in cooperation with your own thoughts and efforts to improve the was you feel about things, and the attitude with which you approach your duties and life, and your worship of God.

You may not be able to discover precisely what part you have in your recovery, as we are required to cooperate with grace. As someone said , "Strive as if everything depends on you, and trust as if everything depends on God"....which statement is valuable in that it highlights that we have to discern what we ourselves need to do to improve matters, while trusting in God's grace.

For instance, in creating human beings, prayer alone does not suffice. God's action alone is not how God chooses to create human beings. God uses the gifts that He has given humans in order to cooperate in bringing children into the world. In our spiritual and emotional and our practical lives, we cooperate in God's grace in active, not passive ways. This is why you don't need to question, is it me or is it God who achieved this. Yes God did, but God requires our active and real cooperation.

Our God, thank You for the gifts You have for this person necessary to help this person to recognize how to resolve this problem, and please help this person to accept those graces and to use the gifts You offer. If this needs others' guidance, then let that guidance, whether the Gospels, wise knowledge, or whatever will assist this cooperative effort to recovery purpose and motivation, please ensure that it is available and recognized.


I use to have that problem and I learned I can force myself to get moving and to get motivated. So just stop procrastinating which includes praying to God because you can pray at the same time you work. So the key is to just get get moving, after that you can give credit to whomever you want.


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