Asking my boyfriend to marry me

When I say they were married in everything but, I mean “cohabitation”. I am sorry if it is not understandable.

Still doesn’t agree. Allowing does not equal that everything happens before is morally neutral.

For your information, the people who will get the couple married in the Church will ask any part who have had children previousely how the relationship with the other parent and the child are, and if all his/her legal obligations are honored.
That everything is right is need.

No, having had sex outside marriage, cohabit as “husband and wife” style and have fatherd children are not morally neutral. They are facts that bear consequences and moral responsabilities. The Chuch recognizes that.

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Please don’t create strawman arguments. I was clearly referring to breaking up and marrying someone else.

He’s a child, like a lot of men who hide behind pabulum like “I want to be financially secure” which is really code for “I may not plan on leaving, but want to allow myself the out in case I choose to.” It’s nonsense and the men who throw this around should be slapped, IMO.

That last part is not me speaking as a Catholic, as I recognize slapping is wrong. I am speaking strictly as a dude, a husband and a father of five young children. A lot of boys need to grow up.


Perhaps he is both. I’d say they go hand in hand.

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