Asking my Husband to Marry Me


I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place, but IDK where else to post it.

I have been in RCIA for Y.E.A.R.S. LIterally. At least 5. Not because I was unsure of my choice, but because my dear husband has issues (said lovingly :slight_smile: )See, he is an unconfirmed, non attending Catholic. My children were in Catholic school (My Mom was dying and I needed to find a school for them …they were in Catholic preschool, then school before we were priced out) and brought me to the Church. I haven’t left. DH will come with us occassionally…if he HAD to go to church, it’d be the Catholic church, but he feels God knows his heart :shrug: .

Here are his issues: He was married before. They were not married in the Church (I think they were married at a Presbytarian church but neither attended church at all). It’s taken me years to track down the right documents (yes, all it took was a drive to the records office, but Joe never saw it as a priority). They were technically married for YEARS because neither sought a divorce, but they were separated and living apart within 2 years of getting married. We can’t find her anymore…she took their son and left years ago.

Joe and I have been married now for 12 years, but have been together for 19. Our first three children were baptized Catholics…the oldest two have had their FIrst COmmunions. Our 3rd daughter is in PreK and will start CCD in the Fall. Our two boys are saints (our first wasn’t baptized, but our second was. Both died before birth :frowning: ). We are now proud parents of another little girl who is 8 months old. She will be baptized soon.

I have a meeting with our priest tomorrow. :D:D I am beyond excited. I have waited 5 years. I’m baptized (Methodist), and would stay forever in the Church rec’ng blessing after blessing, but I’m hungry for him, and I want to experience Communion with saints…my mom and son. My daughters say they can FEEL them…strongly.

All that is to ask this. If I asked my husband to marry me in the Church, would it be possible? Could I be confirmed and marry my nonconfirmed husband?



I told you he had issues. :slight_smile:


I am not an expert but here’s my understanding.

  1. DH would need a declaration of nullity…which would probably be easy enough, he was not married through the Church.

  2. Then you could convalidate the marriage…and I think if he is unwilling, you might be able to get a radical sanation.

Prayers that everything works out!

here is a link re radical sanation


The annulment process has begun. I am prayerfully hoping that this happens. I really want to come Home :( If it gets denied, I will be SO sad :(


Don’t be sad. Have faith. Prayers for you.:hug1:


ty for the prayers. I really appreciate that you’d take time out of your day to do that :slight_smile:


Praying for you and your family.
The Holy Spirit will guide you.

God bless

jesus g


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