Asking Padre pio or some other saint to be your advisor how do this happen?

Asking Pedre pio or some other saint to be your advisor how does this work?
What’s your experience on getting advice and guidance from a saint? .are there special ways to pray ? To get advice from a saint?
What’s your experience?

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Do you mean Padre Pio?

There is a good website on Padre Pio Prays, you can also print off the prayers in PDF form which can be handy

Basically, what I do is just pray to the Saint you have in mind.

Say you want to read the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius de Loyola. What I’d do is set myself down, clear my mind and ask Saint Ignatius to guide me as I read his text.

A story I have from my own spiritual experiences is when I prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary to help me understand women.
I just prayed like I was talking to my mother; for she is our mother in heaven.

Well, what happened was that a flood of insights filled my mind and I gained an understanding of the female soul that hasn’t failed me yet.

Just ask the Saint what it is you wish for. And pray any way you are comfortable with. Jesus taught us the Our Father. I pray that a lot. The Rosary is good too.


I like what you said Gift; thanks.

I would suggest that you ask them to get you a spiritual director.

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Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome, Taxx.

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