Asking prayers for rain again


We still have no rain. It seems to rain all around us, but we get nothing. The trees are dying. We need rain so badly!!


I understand your need!! I’m still praying for rain!! We need it also…

Father, Hear our humble prayers… Please send us all the rain that we need…


All my ancestors on my dads side are from Kentucky Biblio, you most surely have my heart felt prayers that God may bring some relief to your drought.









Praying for rain


O God, in Whom we live and move, and have our being, grant us rain, in due abundance, that, being sufficiently helped with temporal, we may the more confidently seek after eternal gifts. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Novena in Honor of St. Isidore: Patron of Farmers
National Catholic Rural Life Conference




May you be blessed with rain.


~~ the phoenix


St. Heribert is the patron saint of rain.



We need rain in Alabama too. It rained everyday for a week, then quit again, Big trees are dead. Especially the beloved dogwoods. Boo-Hoo!

Dear Lord, Please bless the dry states with rain.


Been where you are…praying for your skies to become cloudy…and that your clouds rain needed waters in the regions so in need.






Praying. We finally got some rain here in West Tennessee. It has rained for several days straight. Maybe it will move into the other areas that needed it.


I pray that you got some of the rain that moved through Kentucky last night and today… Father, you know how despirate we are for rain in all parts of the south. We trust in you to receive it…In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


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