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So I tried to go to adoration today for the first time (I’m not Catholic) but I didn’t know where it was at (our site says the chapel but I didn’t know where that was at). I asked the two people I saw but one was only there for Pokemon go and the other wasn’t sure. So I walked around suspiciously (doesn’t help that I’m a teenager) for fifteen minutes and then I went home. Should I avoid going to mass in case someone thought I was a criminal? Would it be appropriate to ask our Priest where adoration is before mass?


Oh dear. Your poor thing! Do go back to Mass tonight. If someone approaches you just tell them what you told us.

I wouldn’t ask the priest before Mass but perhaps approach him after Mass with your questions. I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer them.


Of course not. You’re not a criminal and who cares what someone else thinks? Go to Mass!

He will probably be busy before Mass. You could ask him afterwards when you greet him. But try asking a greeter, usher, or just someone sitting nearby before Mass starts.

Good luck! Someone will know where it is. I’m glad you’re trying to go to Adoration…it will bless you so much.


"I asked the two people I saw but one was only there for Pokemon go "

That is truly sad.

DEFINITELY go to Mass. Also you can try to ask Father before Mass but usually they are either hearing Confessions or vesting right up until the time of Mass. Could you get a bulletin from the Church they should have some info there? Just remember Adoration is being in the presence of Our Lord. If He is exposed (Not in the Tabernacle) then you should genuflect on both knees before you enter the pew. If He is in the Tabernacle you can just genuflect on the right knee before entering the pew. That time with Jesus is usually a quiet time of reflection. Your Church may also have some booklets or prayer books you can use while there but DON’T Take them with you. Usually they stay there for anyone who goes.
Just be respectful of the surroundings and the people there and all should be good.


This might help you:


It’s awesome that you searched. Definitely attend mass and adoration if that’s what you want! Reach out to them by phone, facebook, or email and ask any questions. I know this puts my mind to ease before my arrival.


I do wish they would make two edits to this page. 1. A bow of the head is the proper reverence in the Communion line just before reception (at least in the US).

  1. Instead of genuflecting toward the altar when the tabernacle isn’t visibly present, a profound bow is the proper gesture.


Call the parish. You are not catholic? Why go to adoration?


Because I wish to become Catholic in the future. I was raised in what I call a “Dusty Bible Household” where we have bibles but don’t read them. I’m fifteen and have been breaking from this family habit of neglecting Christ for a year and recently I realized that Catholicism is biblical (though I had been suspecting this for a couple months) and I’ve been going to mass for 5 or 6 weeks. I believe in the real presence and always have.


That is wonderful!! Welcome to the Church!

You can always call the church office during business hours and ask where the chapel is. You could also ask for an appointment with the priest if you’d like to talk to him about coming into the Church.

I hope you find the help you need as you come home. :pray:


Actually, this isn’t correct. The requirement of the double genuflection was removed back in the 1970s., I think you’ll find.

If you think about it, it is the same Real Presence whether the Host is exposed in a monstrance or behind a golden door, so the gesture of reverence ought to be the same, either a double genuflection for both situations or a single one. The Church decided on the latter.

That’s not to say that a double genuflection is wrong! But we must not say to the OP that he /she ‘should’ do something, when it is not so.


Non Catholics can go to adoration because Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist and He would welcome the presence of any of His children who would like to come and visit with Him.


When you go to mass stand up when everybody stands up. Sit down when everybody sits down. Kneel when everybody kneels. If you do this then everything should be ok.


I’m a convert from Protestantism, and my husband and I both went to Adoration before we were confirmed into the Church. We knew it was Jesus, not a mere piece of bread, that we were adoring and spending time with. We WANTED to be with Him in the Blessed Sacrament!

One more comment to the OP–I and many others are not able to kneel or genuflect, so we make a profound bow before the Lord Jesus. If you see us or others like us, please don’t think we are disregarding the teaching of the Church! If we could genuflect or kneel, we would! While genuflecting and/or kneeling helps others to mentally place themselves before the Lord and humble themselves, all it does for us is hurt so badly that we can’t think about anything but ourselves and whether we will be able to walk or sleep later!

I know–you’re a teen and don’t have those problems yet (unless you are one of those teens who has suffered a sports injury!). Enjoy your youth and your good joints! And most of all, enjoy being with the Lord Jesus!


I feel your pain. I often have difficulty finding the Adoration chapel at a new church. Some of the church complexes these days are the size of community colleges and have Adoration in a separate building. Some of them want to keep the location on the downlow to avoid any criminal element coming in and bothering the adorers or hurting Jesus. Other places have a ton of security on the Adoration chapel for protection.

There’s no need for you to miss Mass. I doubt that anyone thought you were suspicious for being a teen at church. I know it was probably mostly older people there but us oldies who hang around churches are used to seeing the occasional devout teen who actually shows up to pray or adore the Blessed Sacrament. It’s all good.

Ask the priest after Mass where the chapel is. If you don’t have a chance to ask the priest, just keep asking other parishioners till one of them points you to the right place.


Didn’t know about the update but I still ALWAYS genuflect on both knees if he is exposed as my Mom taught us to do.


I’m tall and malnourished so sometimes my knees hurt when kneeling. I understand


It is ok to ask the priest a question or two before mass as long it is not long and complicated. That is how we learn is by asking questions.


I think it great you want to go. Don’t worry about being a teen or a non Catholic. Just keep asking everyone you see where the chapel is, any parishioner will direct you and gladly so. If you want to go to the chapel and sit and pray or just sit. Go right ahead. If you want to view mass, you are welcome to do so and don’t worry about the right way. This is Jesus’ house and He is happy you want to come visit.

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