Asking to keep a secret a mortal sin?

So me family (mother, father, brother, my niece, and I) were at the store. Its spring, so my niece and I decided to go look at the plants that were for sale. She found some that she liked so I bought them for her. My sister (my niece’s mother) does not like it when someone else buys my niece things and she was not present at the time when I bought my niece the plants. The plants were cheap ($10). Anyways, after buying the plants for her, I asked her not to tell her mother (my sister) because then, my sister will get angry at her for accepting the plants. Would this be a mortal sin from my part? Asking her to not tell my sister

No. It is not grave, serious matter.

is it even possible for your sister to not find out? i’m sure she’ll notice when her daughter brings the plants home. i don’t think asking her not to tell her mom was a sin but you may have set her up in a situation to lie to her mom.

i do find it strange that your sister reacts the wy she does when someone buys things for your niece. this does not seem like normal behaviour to me.

perhaps it would be wisest to mention it in your next confession but i’m not entirely sure. hopefully someone who is better at this will be more helpful

It might not be a mortal sin but its still wrong. Our relationship with God is not a line in the sand. You did something you’re sister would not have wanted you to do (very disrespectful) and then you asked a young girl to outright deceive her mother. Not a very good example to show a young lady, wouldn’t you say? Maybe next time, instead of doing something you know is wrong and then telling someone else (a child) to cover your tracks, you should just do the right thing and respect your sisters wishes. I’m not being smart Im just being honest.

May God bless your soul -


No, because my brother and I will basically be taking care of them. And how I see it, my sister might think that my niece does not need to “beg” for anything because she can provide for her. So this can explain her getting angry. Before this situation, my brother had bought my niece and MP3. My sister got very upset when we came home and my niece showed her her new MP3. Then she stated that she did not want anyone coming to her and stating demanding the money spent on things for her daughter. I look at these plants that I bought her as gifts. Out of fear of having my sister scream at my niece and making it seem that what I did (in buying my niece the plants) was very wrong. I find nothing bad in buying gifts for someone. So the reaction from my sister is what lead me to ask my niece to not tell my sister about them until the plants grew (they are still small).

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