Just wondering something here…but anyway I’ve seen videos posted of the Tridentine Mass where people cross themselves after they are sprinkled with holy water before the Mass begins, but at the indult chapel I attend everyone genuflects. What is the norm? Or have both methods been always been common?

As far as I know people usualy make the sign of the cross, but some make a profound bow or genuflect as a sign of respect towards the priest. The Asperges is not strictly a part of the Mass, it takes place before the main Mass on Sunday, I would think there are no stict postures for the people, it is decided by that local custom, which may be to bow, kneel, genuflect, make the sign of the cross etc.,.
God Bless

I was taught to genuflect. I still genuflect during the blessing with holy water during Easter in my NO parish - as does most everyone else.

My FSSP parish does a profound bow

BTW:… I LOVE the Asperges…

I always understood that you cross yourself when the priest makes the blessing. The only time you would genuflect would be at the blessing of the bishop.

In the pre-V2 rite this was a preparation of the faithful for the liturgy, it was not part of Mass. Now, however, it is part of the Mass; it is one of the optional penitential rites. My pastor tends to use it during paschaltide. My church at my old college would use it on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

However, when this rite is used, then there is no Kyrie.

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