Assad can stay, for now: Kerry accepts russian stance


“The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change,” Kerry told reporters in the Russian capital after meeting President Vladimir Putin. A major international conference on Syria would take place later this week in New York, Kerry announced.


How about permanently? Syrians I spoke to; and some despise his regime; said that with him in charge they were freer than they are now!

Ted Cruz is spot on. Getting involved in dumb Civil Wars to bring about “equality” and “democracy” create chaos and division. Atm the ME need strong leaders who can contain divisions that never go away. Afghanistan contains many clans that are not some collective and much of the Arab World is like that. It’s only since the West went in and created this awful mess that a group formed out of chaos.


What happened to the “red line” that could not be crossed?

Are we now admitting that President Obama was only bluffing?

Will President Obama admit that his former policy was a mistake?

While I am no expert on foreign policy, I am pretty sure the answer to Q3 is no. He is as anxious for his term to end as I am, but for different reasons.


Old news.


On this for once I agree with him. Syria does not need a fragmented country apart from ISIL’s caliphate. Get real and forget “red lines” and “bad guys” and “good guys”. The ME is a complicated place and it’ll get worse with this mindless non stop intervening in other countries’ sovereignty


Kerry is wise to say this because everyone knows, in the long run, there will never be peace in Syria as long as Assad is there, there is no reason to make it an issue, the Assad dynasty’s days are already numbered.


Remember “if you like your insurance, then you can keep your insurance?”

The president told that lie for 3 years when he knew it wasn’t true.

Since things aren’t going the way he wants in Syria and since he is now more concerned about his legacy than anything else, he has changed course to try and lessen his involvement.


Ted Koppel just wrote a book about the dangers of a cyber attack and Koppel said maybe this was what the about face on Syria was about, just theorizing. It sounds plausible.

Views of the News: Ted Koppel warns of huge cyberhack danger
Former “Nightline” anchor Ted Koppel has recently written a book, “Lights Out,” that warns of massive attacks on the U.S. power grid.

Given his reputation as a newscaster, Koppel was able to interview all the Homeland Security directors from Tom Ridge to Jeh Johnson — as well as other national security experts — regarding cyberattacks.

He found that neither the U.S. nor its allies has been able to develop a reliable and comprehensive defense against a cyberattack.

An attack against America’s power grid could deprive this nation of power to supply water, food, transportation, lighting, and fuel — potentially causing hundreds of deaths.

Such an attack could also seriously undermine our sophisticated defense systems.

Although our largest corporations have spent vast amounts to try to safeguard their computer networks, they are vulnerable because of their link to smaller companies that cannot afford such security.

Major powers such as Russia and China are believed to have secreted cyber “time bombs” inside our power grid, but would likely wait to employ them until the most opportune moment.




Trillions of dollars and a complete mess of the middle east, nothing to show for it. How does that help ones legacy? In fact after all that Isis is expanding.

Wait, Assad can now stay!! :thumbsup:


Whenever I find myself agreeing with something President Obama says, I ask myself two questions:

  1. Is he telling the truth? This resolves most of the issues, because usually he is not.

  2. Where did I go wrong? I rarely reach the same conclusion as President Obama because of a clash of basic values concerning freedom and personal responsibility. It is possible we could agree on a specific issue, but it rarely happens.

The whole idea that the US could end a civil war in Syria with some nice speeches read from a teleprompter was wrongheaded and delusional from the beginning. ISIS was a separate complication from leaving Iraq before it was stable enough to govern itself.


Well said and agree 100 %. Both President Bush and President Obama have mismanaged the Middle East Foreign Policy because the ME in itself defies all logic.


Senator Cruz is correct about this. Stay out of ME civil Wars


I disagree, we should not allow ISIS to slaughter Christians or others.


I agree too but let’s be honest that’s come about as a result of leaving Iraq and Libya leaderless


Well, with Putin now being the leader of the western world-- Assad’s fate will largely be decided by the Russians since they’re now setting the priorities and agenda for engagement in most of the ME, particularly Syria.


But Iraq’s Prime Minster Haider al-Abadi has insisted his armed forces are winning the battle against ISIS - or Daesh - and has signalled his reluctance to encourage the US armed forces to become further involved in the country’s ongoing war.


…which came about as a result in interfering in their affairs to begin with. No Bush- no Iraq war, no ISIS.


Can you show us an article where ISIS existed during the Bush administration please?

No Obama, No USSR/Russian support of the Assad regime for 40 years, No allowance of Syrian attacks on US forces from Syria allowed by Assad, no ISIS.


Precisely, which his partner in crime admitted to very recently - Tony Blair.

However, Assad is not the bad guy that he has been portrayed to be, by the MSM. There are too many Syrian Christian Patriarch stories to ignore - that contest to Assad being a good leader, and definitely not a monster - not that you’ll ever read them in the MSM. :rolleyes:

Also all polls taken have shown the majority of Syrians back him. This is the latest poll, released a few days ago, and still the majority of Syrians support Assad. :shrug:

WMD comes to mind! :wink:

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