Assalamu alaikum


I am new to this forum. I am a Sunni Muslim and I hope to have respectful discussions with people of all faiths while I am here. I am a student and I live in America with parents and siblings. I just want to say “hello” to everyone.


Welcome to the forums. As long as the discussion stays respectful on all sides we’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could begin by giving us a little idea of the difference between Sunni Muslims and Shi’ite Muslims.


I would be happy to try. Roughly 85% of Muslims are Sunni and about 15% are Shi’a. The division between the two occured after Muhammed, pbuh, died. One group felt that the Prophet had appointed Ali as his successor, while the other felt that he had left no successor. The group that followed Ali became known as the Shī’at 'Ali, or “party of Ali.” They are commonly known as the Shi’a. The other group elected the first caliph, Abu Bakr, as its leader. This group came to be known as Ahl ul-Sunna or people of the tradition. They are commonly called Sunnis. There are also differences over the Hadith. You can obtain more information by visiting here: and


Hi Abdullah, welcome to CAF! Your voice is most welcome here, especially considering the strained relationship resulting from the Regensburg speech of our Pope. I hope you enjoy your visits here. :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to our forums. I am sure you will find yourself asked lots of questions! I, for one, will reveal my ignorance:

Re Sunnis and Shiites, this difference you mention is viewed as fundamental to the faith? Why exactly do they fight about it? Do the two branches live in harmony in some places?


[quote=shirleytowers]Re Sunnis and Shiites, this difference you mention is viewed as fundamental to the faith?

No, not really. It is really a question of political and spiritual authority and the subsequent disagreements that followed. We both read the same Quran but there are disagreements over the Hadith, which is probably what has resulted in the main differences between Sunni and Shi’a law, scholarship, etc. You might consider it similar to the difference between Orthodox and Catholic, if I may be so bold. Not exactly the same but kind of similar.

[quote=shirleytowers] Why exactly do they fight about it?

To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure. Sometimes there are Sunnis and Shi’a who forget that both groups are Muslim. I can’t answer why they choose to fight. I certainly know that I don’t want to hurt Shi’a and I have Shi’a friends who don’t want to hurt me.

[quote=shirleytowers] Do the two branches live in harmony in some places?

Yes, we do in most places. Here in America and Europe we live in peace. Right now, the worst fighting between Sunni and Shi’a is taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan, which makes me think that the issue isn’t so much religious as it is political and economic and whatever reasons people choose to go to war.

I want to thank everyone who has welcomed me thus far and I hope that we will continue to have peaceful, respectful discussions.


Hello and welcome to the forums!

And may I say its so refreshing for you to tell us if you are sunni or shia.

I have not seen this here before on the forums, and always wondered why not.

Your honesty is admirable and I really look forward to seeing your posts.

As you know its Advent so you may see a “lull” in the forums as a result.

I hope you stay here and help us understand some things we may not have been getting here before.

In Jesus Christ,

Peace be Upon Him


Welcome to the forums.
I am going to the Holy Land next year and will be visiting Bethlehem which is in the Palestinian territories. Can you tell me which group the muslims there and in Israel belong to?


Welcome to the forums.
I am going to the Holy Land next year and will be visiting Bethlehem which is in the Palestinian territories. Can you tell me which group the muslims there and in Israel belong to?
We will be staying in the muslim quarter in Jerusalem and in a Jewish hotel in Tiberias.


Thank you for the warm welcome and the kind words.

They are predominately Sunni, as are most Muslim nations. The largest portion of Shi’a live in Iran, Iraq, and Azerbaijan, where they constitute a majority. There are also large minorities of Shi’a in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and others.



Its good to hear from you. I am a catholic but I do not adhere to the exclusivity of any religion; I believe that everyone, regardless of religion, has a place in heaven for the Lord Jesus came not only for the Jews but also for the Gentiles… translated in the modern language… for christians and non-christians. I believe that the Lord Jesus died not only for the Christians but also for the non-christians, to save mankind from sin.

If only all peoples believe that we are all sons of God, there will be no war, there will be no walls dividing us… and the most vicious of these walls is the wall we call religion. Let us love each each other as children of God.


how insightful. Did you mean to imply that the Catholic Church denies Muslims or others salvation by this post? " I am a Catholic but,


Please explain.


it is my understanding that all religions be it Christian denominations, budhism, islam, etc always claim exclusivity…
only they do not announce it to the world… but simply ask your catholic priest or protestant pastor or islam imam or budhist monk and surely they will answer your question.


Welcome to the world of ignorance. The Catholic Church does not rule out salvation to Muslims. And in fact, there is a mystery how some will enter heaven per the Church. It may be you.


how i wish you will give me source of your information so i will be more enlightened… of course not your opinion but from the church authority.


Before I spend too much of my valuable time, may I ask if you own a CCC?

If so, have you ever read it? I will come back with the relevant info if you can grab your CCC so you can read along with us all here.
I think you can also view it online if you have never bought a CCC, but you will have to take my word on that LOL.


Dear Junvir-

841 The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. "The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day

I will post relevant papal documents as well if you need more information.:confused:

Junvir are you of the belief that Catholics feel all non Catholics are hellbound?

Now, It was you who made the assertation of Exclusivity.

The burden falls on you to back that statement up with documents and citations please.


Here is a portion of a papal document for you as well, Lumen Gentium for starters:
16. Finally, those who have not yet received the Gospel are related in various ways to the people of God.(18*) In the first place we must recall the people to whom the testament and the promises were given and from whom Christ was born according to the flesh.(125) On account of their fathers this people remains most dear to God, for God does not repent of the gifts He makes nor of the calls He issues.(126); But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Mohamedans, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind. Nor is God far distant from those who in shadows and images seek the unknown God, for it is He who gives to all men life and breath and all things,(127) and as Saviour wills that all men be saved.(128) Those also can attain to salvation who through no fault of their own do not know the Gospel of Christ or His Church, yet sincerely seek God and moved by grace strive by their deeds to do His will as it is known to them through the dictates of conscience.(19*) Nor does Divine Providence deny the helps necessary for salvation to those who, without blame on their part, have not yet arrived at an explicit knowledge of God and with His grace strive to live a good life. Whatever good or truth is found amongst them is looked upon by the Church as a preparation for the Gospel.(20*) She knows that it is given by Him who enlightens all men so that they may finally have life. But often men, deceived by the Evil One, have become vain in their reasonings and have exchanged the truth of God for a lie, serving the creature rather than the Creator.(129) Or some there are who, living and dying in this world without God, are exposed to final despair. Wherefore to promote the glory of God and procure the salvation of all of these, and mindful of the command of the Lord, “Preach the Gospel to every creature”,(130) the Church fosters the missions with care and attention

Must I go on?:confused:

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