Assassin's Creed video game?

I need answers from somebody who has played this game.
Is it okay for a Catholic to play?
They seem to make the Templars look a little bad. My parents are concerned about the Muslims versus Catholics, not the violence and gore, they couldn’t care less about it.
Simple question here: Who are the good guys in the game, and how “bad” do they actually make the Templars look?

I have played it from time-to-time. Please remember one must be an adult to play it,well at least 17 years of age,if I am correct. I for one understand it is only a game. I also do not believe in the “good” guys versus the “bad” guys because someone might consider the “good” guys as bad and vice versa. Remember…it is only a game.

I don’t like it much. For one thing the 'Assassin" has to mug people in order to get money or credits to use. Also goes around killing a lot of guards and such. Objective seems to be to wipe out the Medicis or Borgias - not sure which. My grandson says there is a good objective but I have yet to figure it out. We let him go ahead and play because it is one of the few things he can do, but we monitor. Comment from time to time on the violence to assure that he knows it is just a game. I prefer the Tony Hawk games for preadolescents or adolescents.

I would advise against that game. Assassins are not good role-models. It’s kind of like playing Grand Theft Auto, where you go around shooting people in the street for no good reason :eek:

Look man I’m not 17 yet and I’ve played every one of em’ from the first one. Don’t take it serious. I mean, the game says that Adam and Eve stole the Apple of Eden from the Greek Gods. That’s pretty ridiculous right? Not only that but look at what he does. He can dive about 350 ft off of a tower and land in a haystack totally unharmed. Playing the game (AC: Brotherhood) being at the Vatican is part of what sparked my interest in the Catholic Church. This is something you can leave up to your own conviction. BUT!!! If your parents do not approve, then you MUST obey them. I’m not gonna’ lecture you on how “they’re only doing it because they care” (which is true!) because you and me both have heard this about a 100 times lol.

Unfortunately one does not to play a game to know that already exists all around us. :frowning:

Personally I am sick and tired of the cliche using Catholics as bad guys, or Muslims as bad guys. I don’t understand why everything has to be about religion. It seems to breed hatred and misunderstandings.

Thanks to ALL of you.
But guys, the Violence, gore, and stuff like that, killing people, thats not the problem.
My parents are only concerned with the Anti-Catholic material.

That’s what I mean. There’s tons of blood and even a part where a ten year old gets hung in AC 2 (sorry for spoiling). Just don’t take the “Anti-Catholicness” seriously because there is anti-Catholicness in all things unCatholic.

Of course we can all handle some violence and gore :rolleyes: but the real problem in my eyes is that these guys aren’t soldiers, they’re assassins, ie. murderers. And I think we should see that as a problem.

I believe it’s both Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood that task you to kill the Pope.
I recall having a discussion with my priest about this. (He’s young and dabbled in games himself, so he is in the know about pop culture and video games.) He didn’t seem too pleased. As well as the the whole negative light shone on the Vatican. It obviously gives the disclaimer “All types of religious people helped create this game. No one religion is being ousted”. (Funny how they put that right at the start of the game, huh?) But, that’s just to keep them from being attacked by people of the the Catholic Church and other religions.

My opinion? It’s a little anti-Catholic… anti-Religious all around. However, I still play them. I keep an open heart to the Lord and don’t let it affect my thinking of the Church.

It’s up to the trust, knowledge and wisdom of your parents.

God Bless!

Well, yes. You do get the idea that it’s Pro-Muslim in the first game however. Just leave it at Anti-Christian period pretty much. And you DO kill the Pope in AC II, I forget his name, he is a pretty bad dude anyhow, even my priest told me. You kill him, and somehow he resurrects himself. . .I dunno, it’s weird.
Thanks Keyeotee.

I personally find the AC series to be lacking in depth story-wise and gameplay-wise. The cliches in it are too boring.

As someone who has played the first three I would say that AC1 was pretty good and I dont see any real problem. Both Muslims and Christians have bad and good guys. AC2 starts to go on shaky ground but I would still let a mature teenager play it. AC: Brotherhood is where is really started to go down hill with me.

My greatest problem is that according to the game, the Templars are out to gain control of everything and oust peoples free will. To do this they try to co-op the Catholic Church. The problem is that the CC affirms free will. Also you have people like Machiavelli being an assassin, where he would definitely have been against free will in this story line.

So yes its just a game, and yes its a bit anti-Catholic and a bit anti-religious and general. Still the first two at least are pretty good games.

I have just really started playing the first one and am not really shocked about the Templars being shed in a bad light as they often are in movies and on the “History” channel. The important thing to remember is it is a completely fictional story based upon actual history which makes for a better story but may also fool some people into having a skewed view of history. Judging by the commercials for Assassin’s Creed III it looks like it’s set during the American Revolution and doesn’t focus on anti-Catholic stuff. Anyways, I found in the first one you can turn off the blood and gore and people can make up their own mind about about wherher to play it or not. I also think the disclaimer at the beginning about people of all faiths working on the game was interesting but if you know how ridiculous the story is compared to actual history, it’s not particularly offensive.

Based on your statement, the only offensive thing in it are the cliches.

I really wish someone would do something about all the anti-Catholicism in our media. It seems that no one really cares enough about it to fight it and that those who care about it are just ignored. Meanwhile, games, movies and books bashing other religions or insinuating they are evil, are placed under check. Sometimes we need to stand up and say enough is enough and just boycott every bit of media that has anti-Catholicism in it-even if it means never turning on the tv.

I’m a 15 year old that loves video games and movies and TV. . .
Even so I have to agree with you 100%

We have cancelled our cable and can’t stomach watching regular TV anymore. I have grown up with video games and still enjoy playing them although a lot of them nowadays are way over the top and I find myself turning off the extreme gore oftentimes when it is available. I originally tried playing the first Assassins Creed a few years back and couldn’t get into it now I’m trying it again but still don’t find it to be anything special. I guess I haven’t gotten far enough in to see the portrayal of the Catholic Church just the Templars at the beginning. I am also very used to pretty much everyone I come in contact with whom I share my faith has very skewed views of the Catholic Church and history and games like this can be a springboard into evangelizing and correcting these misconceptions. It would be nice to see some blatantly Catholic games like playing as one of the apostles or something but who knows if that will ever happen.

I really liked Assassin’s Creed and someday I’m going to get around to playing Assassin’s Creed 2. My favourite parts in the game were escaping after each mission, I was always so tense, running around frantically trying to find one of those canopy things or a hay bale to hide in. I could really feel the adrenaline pumping during those sections.

I’m not sure if AC is particularly biased towards one religion or the other. It shows everyone doing horrible things (in particular, your targets always do at least one terrible thing right before you kill them) to everyone else. The Third Crusade wasn’t exactly a time in history where these religious groups were all buddy-buddy with each other. In any case, it’s not trying to be a history lesson, but it’s hard to talk about the Third Crusade without talking about how Muslims and Christians were being jerks to each other.

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