Assault weapons are weapons of war


a good precedent here for banning assault weapons (?)


With millions in private hands (militia), where are the millions of shootings?
Rather than the liberal feelgood default of “do sometih” even negative, why not focus more on mental health, since not a single mass murderer is mentally healthy?
Why seek a physical solution to a medical or spiritual problem?


It’s not the liberals who are cutting mental health funding.


Assault weapons are already essentially banned unless you’re Uber rich with a squeaky clean record and have lots of time for paperwork and bureaucratic red tape.

Assault - style semi auto rifles, especially ones either illegally modified or with extra equipment attached and essentially turned into full auto, select-fire assault rifles - these are a huge problem and something needs to be done legislatively. To throw up your hands and say no legislation can possibly help is a defeatist and IMO wrong position to take up.

I speak this as a US Military Veteran with a Marksmanship ribbon, an avid gun enthusiast, and defender to death of the 2nd Amendment of our glorious Constitution. We need more legislation, especially regarding asault style rifles, handguns, and certain equipment (bumpstocks, suppressors, etc).

We don’t need a BAN or a repeal of the 2A - that’s going too far in the opposite direction. We need sensible legislation to try and alleviate the gun violence problem in America - it is an unacceptable embarrassment on the world-stage when people in Saudi Arabia fear travelling to America because they are afraid of being massacred in the street by a madman wielding an AR-15 with 100-round drum magazine filled with explosive and/or armor piercing rounds of death and bumpstock equipped, plus laser scoped plus suppressed military-grade piece of awesome weaponry.


Neither is it dollars spent that determine the effectiveness of any such endeavor. Hundreds of people - family, friends, neighbors - had to observe the hints that these men had lost it - even judges! Yet all of them seemed to suffer from the Kitty Genovese syndrome.

Besides, it is impossible to ban the millions that are already out there as well as the millions that can be illegally imported. Some of them sold by the Obama administration (“Fast and furious”) have been used to kill Americans. Some gun control, huh?

What about murder? I thought it was already illegal?

How is “gun control” going to stop or even reduce murder? Since 1968, when gun control accelerated exponentially, murders have increased as much or more!

So, are gun control laws causing murder?

There is more statistical evidence in favor than in contra.


I’m getting tired of seeing this reply. “why not focus on mental health”. Not only is it damaging to identify mental illness with criminality, it also is an empty response. Equally as empty as “do something”.

Most mentally ill individuals are in fact not violent. Just like how most legal gun owners do not end up shooting people. In fact, mentally ill people are more likely to experience violence directed toward them as they are considered vulnerable. You’re just adding more and more stigma to an already misunderstood condition. Also, I want to point out that you can’t just lump everything under mental illness. Which mental illness? do you know what you’re talking about when you actually say that?

Am I saying mental illness and mass shootings have zero connection? No, but I am saying you can’t blame it all on mental health just like how you can’t blame it all on gun control. It’s not that black and white. Also, I don’t know where you got the idea that all mass murderers are mentally ill.

Also, I don’t think you really have a right to call for more focus on mental health if, by chance, you support Donald Trump, who has and is going to continue to massively cut funding to the already underfunded mental health programs.


I’m sick and tired of librerals and do-gooders harping on ineffective means of controlling violence.

What you are saying is that freedom is simply too dangerous.

Think about it.


Someone didn’t read my post.

just like how you can’t blame it all on gun control




Where are the millions of shootings?



I bet you 50000000000 dollars that you didn’t even read my whole post nor click on all the links that support my post.


Excellent points @Hope_Philomena - proud US Military Veteran Marksman who stands behind you 100%


He obviously did not

He wants to talk down and push his view, and he won’t accept dialogue or compromise. Stern, unbudging, uncritical - He’s obviously a GOP hardnose.


These debates are pointless. There’s no conclusion only endless narrow minded bickering. Nobody even considers the illegal weapons that are in the USA. In my town alone they confiscated a grenade launcher! And we’re talking about assault weapons?! If a person is determined to kill they don’t follow any laws. Also, bump stocks can be machined regardless of legislation about their manufacturing. They’re not hard to make.


millions out there? turn 'em in.

make any assault with them a capital offense


Simply put, all of the evidence shows that homicide and felonious assault increased each time additional “gun control” was passed. Even if the laws only followed crime increases, they have been stunningly ineffective. We need a new/old approach.

In fact, the term “gun control” is exceptionally misleading. Shouldn’t it be “crime control”? Or, is there an ulterior agenda? Of course there is.

Liberals do not trust me with a firearm - with which I shall never assault them. I do not trust them with my freedom - which they surely take away.

Pass more and more gun laws. Result: crime increases. Neither liberals nor I are safer. Both of us are less free. They feel better. How is this a good thing?

Emotions mislead.



you can used a rubber band in lieu of a bump stock; some just don’t get it

as i noted in another thread, when you get on a plane you are essentially entering a gun banned zone with the highest amount of security.

the problem is that this high and low tech security failed in 67 out of 70 test in 2015.

all the regulations did was remove guns from law abiding citizens

God help us because the laws won’t.


IF the criminals didn’t already have assault weapons (How they get them is not stoppable as long as there is a black market and money will buy practically anything) my belief is the ONLY people who should have them are those in the military and police officers. Now KNOWING that there are MANY assault weapons out there owned by the “Bad guys” already I do know you can only fight assault fire with assault fire. This doesn’t mean I think every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane or Sue should have an assault weapon in every home and business. Some people should just NEVER own guns (that’s me for sure). But those who should and can (Thanks to our Constitution) well I guess just have to do what they have to do. I personally will NEVER own a gun and hopefully never have to fire a real gun. I would LOVE a BB gun for target practice. LOL! But I don’t feel like those who want to, are law abiding, take the proper classes and have regular practice and take owning a firearm seriously should be denied from owning & having one.

Hubby and I went to the movies today. This was a branch of the theatre in the same town where a man killed 2 ladies and wounded many others a year or so ago. My son worked at the theatre where it happened but (THANK YOU JESUS) he was not working that night. You know my thoughts for a majority of the time was I certainly hope nobody has it in their mind to do what that guy did in the other branch of this theatre. I made sure I knew where the exits were and I did feel a bit vulnerable because of the layout of the place. But I have to put my trust in God. I still believe that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


First off, there’s no such thing as an “assault” weapon. There are big guns and small guns. Guns with tactical rails and guns with classy wood furniture. Take a good old fashioned double barreled shotgun and whip on plastic stocks with a pistol grip and tactical rails. To the untrained and uneducated eye, perhaps such a gun would be an “assault weapon”, when in reality it’s just an old school shotgun.

All guns are just tools. Tools intended for self defense and defense of others. Tools of hunting and tools of recreation. Guns are not unlike baseball bats.

Likewise, baseball bats are tools of recreation. Truckers also have a similar tool to check their tires if I’m not mistaken. These tools can also be used by evil people to seriously harm others; however that’s not their intended use.

We have a right to bear arms. Guns are tools. Let’s not ban useful tools because a very, very small minority uses these tools in an evil and unintended manner.


Melodeonist: Don’t confuse people with “Tacti-kool” stuff like an accessory rail on a classic double barrel :slight_smile:

I wonder how much pressure the ground rodent / coyote lobbying group was applying.

Also, please bear in mind that you can make an AK-47 in a well equipped machine shop (know from someone I’ve encountered who made in his shop). And, unless you give it a serial number, the resulting product doesn’t have one. Instant “off the radar” firearm. Do we ban steel tubes, sheets of steel, springs, and pieces of wood big enough to be fashioned into a stock?


Being in the military does not give you any extra moral authority.

I agree with Hope on the points to an extent except for the last link which blames Trump for cutting funding and tying that to Texas.

The guy should never have had a gun in the first place, and the haughty AIR FORCE dropped the ball on that, probably for PC reasons.

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