Assault weapons are weapons of war


I am not being sarcastic :slight_smile:
although shooting full auto is on my bucket list haha


That is a good example of when auto fire was clearly advantage

But he was able to near perfectly mimic “true auto” with “simulated auto” via use of a bumpstock. He should NOT have been able to equip his rifle with that device.

And I’m sure the people who were mowed down do not recognize any substantial difference between “full, true auto” and “simulated, pseudo auto”.


It’s fun, but it gets old quick.

Semi auto and trying to pull off trick shots is more rewarding in the long term wjen the novelty of going rambo style wears off.


Order your plane tickets. 25 min cab ride from Louisville airport.


I agree.

I think the Las Vegas shooter shot over a thousand rounds to kill and injure that many people. So I wouldn’t say it was close, but certainly you can in some circumstances harm and I’ll a lot of folks before failure.

Yes the hand guard would be blazing hot. And you can start to cook off rounds. Here is what I thought was an interesting YouTube video of firing an AR-15 (with full auto lower) until failure.


You can kill a lot of people with a shotgun or with a bomb. The worst US school massacre ever occurred in the 1920s using bombs.


Which is why it’s good there is legislation regarding bombs and shotguns already in place!


There are regulations concerning bombs, but any person of average intelligence can still make one. Regarding shotguns what regulations are there besides barrel length (which anyone can easily skirt) and magazine limits in some jurisdictions?


We use knives in war…


I’m getting the idea that you are not nearly as familiar with firearms as you claim you are. Explosive ammunition? What in the world are you speaking of? More legislation in terms of suppressors? You can’t buy, manufacture, or own a suppressor without going through the exact same paperwork and bureaucratic red tape you described for assault weapons (they are both Class III weapons). Mere possession of a suppressor is already a felony with a sentence of up to 10 years in prison! Possession of a silencer during a crime carries a 30 year mandatory minimum sentence! What more do you want???


You are debating gun legislation yet this comment makes it look like you’re seemingly unaware of age requirements and background checks?

A 12 year old can’t go buy a shotgun. A convicted murderer can’t go buy a shotgun. And those are good things! See - sensible gun legislation! Not quite as difficult as the GOP and NRA hardliners would have you think, no?


How dare you insult my intelligence by claiming I’m some ignoramus trying to be wise.

What in the world were you thinking? That I just made explosive rounds up in my head? You think I am lying about having served in the Military?

You show yourself to be the one ignorant, my friend. Check yourself.


Here’s a website selling explosive 223 rounds for an AR-15:


Your AR-15 can now sling the nastiest rounds ever made in 223. These rounds have a new explosives mix that is hotter than anything we have ever used. On impact with a hard target you get a tremendous blast and cloud of smoke. These are completely safe for your rifle. If you’re firing at long distance you will hear the sound of the bullet detonating over the gunshot.

I really like how they call it “FUBAR” - that’s Military slang for “effed up beyond all recognition” - these rounds are designed to maim, decimate, and annihilate. Not to tickle your keister. Cute touch.


Although I would prefer if it read “Incendiary or tracer ammunition cannot be shipped to the US due to recent legislation limiting their usage to the United States Military and banning civilian possession of these types of rounds designed specifically for warfare”

Weapons of war belong on the battlefield in the hands of soldiers, not civilians or maniacs who want to go on a GTA style 5 star rampage.

Now who was it that was not familiar with weaponry again?


The lack of forward thinking here is disturbing. They’re not coming for your guns. They’re not gonna ban the “tacticool” guns either. The common denominator in this repetitive discussion is “Ammunition”. You can have the most powerful rifle but without ammo it’s useless. I believe that day is coming. Simply organize an artificial shortage of metal and smokeless powder components.


When a certain person was President and he talked about banning this rifle or that round, sales went up for everything mentioned. I read articles where store owners were giving him a little praise. Whatever was about to be banned sold out at gun stores and gun shows. “I sold every case I brought.”


My eyes are burning due to the radiating cancer of this thread. Take away guns you take away freedom. Take away freedom, you take away America. I don’t care if you change the rules a little with a background check, but completely banning bump stocks, 30 round mags, and BMGs won’t do squat. LET US NOT FORGET 78% of shootings are occur with illegal weapons on the black market and it isn’t till someone brings islam to this mess that stuff hits headlines. In the hood (ghetto) there are constant shootings, some with multiple people, and it only SOMETIMES airs on local news. The gangstars use illegal weapons so the gun cannot be traced back to an owner. Now think about the same situation but bring islam into this. The press loves islam, it won’t make as big of a deal of a shooting that killed 7 people than a shooting that killed 1 person due to “Jihad” because thats what people are scared of hearing, but at the same time they want to hear it.

Now we have liberals making a big fuss and national headlines about a shooting. We could have a shooting with ILLEGAL guns and a great deal of people would be shouting for gun control. I mean how much of a vegetable do you have to be to say Gun Control when it is an ILLEGAL gun?! The type of “gun control” we need is a more of a gun termination on illegal guns in the US. These guns are the real killers, much more than registered fire arms.


Hmm, pretty strange you chose those rounds to be upset about. Which shooting by civilians were those used in again? I’m not saying that those rounds don’t exist, nor am I saying that you made them up, rather that in over 15 years in law enforcement I’ve never even seen them in person, so I can personally guarantee you that they are not a large problem when it comes to shootings. It just sort of seems like you want to ban “scary” stuff, whereas what you should be concerned with is the stuff that people actually use in crimes to commit murder. But that’s just me. And yes, since you seem especially argumentative in your reply, I am saying that you are woefully uninformed when it comes to our current firearms laws considering your statements on suppressors.


I’ll bet if you encountered a suspect wielding a semi auto AK-47 with a banana clip loaded down with Armor piercing rounds - I’d bet my bottom dollar then you’d wished to God you’d supported legislation that could have stopped that awesome weaponry from being used on you.


The invention of the main battle tank and the exclusion of the general public from owning these things combined to render the “freedom generating” effect of personal firearms as being worth practically nothing. Military technology has progressed from 1776 and you can’t own the new stuff. Sorry.

Take a neighborhood of 100 steely-eyed, AR15 toting veterans who kept themselves in reasonable fighting shape and pit them against a lonely Abrams tank stationed at the entrance to their neighborhood - I’m betting on the tank 10 times out of 10. The veterans might as well be throwing snowballs at it…

The last time civilian arms were somewhat comparable to government arms was the American Civil War. It won’t happen again until we’re fighting World War 4 with sticks and stones (since World War 3 will send humanity back to the stone-age).

So understand this very clearly; your right to bear arms no longer effectively guarantees your liberty from tyrannical government. Only the democratic process does. If guns have a legitimate, practical purpose beyond hunting, it’s in the event of a SHTF situation and there is no government. But such a failure would also mean that modern logistics wouldn’t exist either, so most of us would be dead from hunger fairly quickly anyway. Too many people for the local flora and fauna to support in most places…

I agree. They need to be less available completely across the board (which trickles into the black market) and there needs to be a buyback to suck up the loose ones.


Gabby Gifford once opposed gun legislation.

Then she got half her brains blown out of her skull and realized that there could have been legislation in place which would have possibly stopped her from getting nearly assassinated.

She now basically crusades for better gun legislation.

Pespectives change.

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