Assault weapons are weapons of war


let’s put it in perspective, if you had to go to war would you want one of these semi-automatic rifles or an actual automatic rifle.


or vote for those who will pick judges you agree with!


one or two more in his vain would do the country well


you just need to look to afghanistan to know this isn’t true. the taliban held off the russians and we didn’t defeat them. they are still there.

politics will stop the military from winning just like it did in the middle east.


the only reason is cost nothing else. if you have enough money you can buy it. i have posted on this in the past. there is a website to view what is available on the market. it only takes money

look at spacex. can his rockets be militarized?


she now wants to ban muzzleloaders?

explain that one to me


it won’t go down that way. the tank will be sitting alone in the street.

you’ll have to go door to door to find those 100 ar-toters. someone described it very well in another thread. it will be a guerrilla war and the government won’t know who the enemy is

we do not round up terrorist now so why do you think it will be different with home grown revolutionaries?


i’d be thanking God we have the right to equally equip ourselves against the opposition. i’d place my faith in my training over a criminal who usually isn’t as trained as the enthusiast.

shooting is a hobby with benefits!

i’d be more upset staring at this criminal, if laws were in place banning the gun he held because he will have his but the law abiding won’t have theirs!


handloading 101


No need. They’re in their houses. Merely control the access points and logistical sites and they’ll eventually have to come to you. Declare martial law - no weapons in the open unless you’re in uniform or shot on sight.
Related, I’d hate to be one of the 2 or 3 preppers with 30 days stored food in that crowd. After a week, your allegiance with those other 97 or 98 will start to get a little… famished?

Anecdotes aside, your AR will do nothing to overthrow the modern government if it turned tyrannical to your particular people. You just don’t have anything remotely approaching the technological edge. 100 cavemen against the same setup would fare about as poorly.

Oh the heck we don’t. Ever heard of Fallujah?


who are the they?

everybody will come out. how do you tell them apart?

why would a limited number of resistors do anything in public?

because it isn’t the gun. i doubt you would see any street fighting at all.


I have confidence in the military so long as they are properly trained, allowed to use that training and have the tools they need.

However, people can only move so fast and can’t be 2 places at once.


Hmmm, so if there’s no street fighting, where is this guerilla war you mentioned?
Surely you’d agree that after the initiation of hostilities, all the sensitive governmental and economic sites would be hardened. You couldn’t approach them uncontested holding any sorts of arms.

Naturally, the government would have the control over the broader macro-economy. Large-scale inflows of arms into your area would stop. You’d just get what little you could sneak in…

Sounds like your revolution isn’t doing very well. And I don’t think the French are going to help this time. Not in the nuclear age…


it is not my revolution. i believe in the ballot box

it just won’t happen the way you see it.

it will be the way of current terrorist acts: just on a grander scale.

you won’t know who the enemy is.

look at france, do you see the revolution that is taking place; really all of europe.



in United States v. Miller, in 1939, the Supreme Court said the government regulations on shotguns with barrels less than 18 inches (from the 1934 National Firearms Act) was not unconstitutional because such weapons were not ordinary military equipment. It would then seem to follow that if it was ordinary military equipment the restrictions would have been unconstitutional. if AR-15’s really are “weapons of war” (ie military equipment) then it seems they would be protected under the second amendment using the precedent from US v Miller.


This happened at Bath Michigan in 1927.


I hope it didn‘t result in making bombs illegal.


Home Depot will sell you all the ingredients, legally


Jolly good. I hope it didn’t result in making bombs illegal.


Using a bomb is illegal, not having a match and a can of gasoline. You can use ‘tools’ for legal purposes or illegal purposes.

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