Assertive and meek - the difference?


a person that i know says i am not assertive. Jesus says to be meek. what makes the difference of not assertive compared to meek?

i think i am not meek. if i am angry i have many things in my head that are not meek. usually i do not say them. does this mean i am a hypocrite? should i say them to be assertive?


Meek, at leas the way I see it is not so much quiet and in the corner but rather peaceful and content wiht innocent intentions. If you are angry do you quietly stew and brew little insults in your head but put on happy face? Thats not meek to me. A meek person, when angered lets the emotion dissipate and then addresses their counterpart. You can be meek but still assertive. take for instance this website. I came here looking for answers, i’m bisexual and putting myself out there. I know I may spark some argument but that really isn’t my intention. Some of my posts may be seen as ‘provoking’ argument but really I just am curious, my intentions are innocent, i just want to understand. I feel meek, like a mouse amoung large cats but i’m being brave and asking my questions. I don’t know if this helps but I feel meek and a little assertive. :o




Most people who are not assertive are not assertive for prideful reasons. This may sound backwards but it is true. The excessively shy person may be just as self-centered as the gregarious boaster but their self-centeredness comes out in different ways.

Meekness is the opposite. In meekness there is NO pride.

Being assertive is not the same thing as acting on all of one’s thoughts or being rude.
You say: “should i say them to be assertive?” The answer is no. For your spiritual development, you should work on not having these thoughts at all. You work on this through prayer.

Meekness is in mind and act. It is a lifetime’s journey and few will ever have true meekness and humility in this life. Thanks to God, there are the purifying fires of Purgatory to help the faithful Catholics who die as less than perfect.


hi. before i was baptized i was in bdsm life. bi was in that life. since i am Catholic i stay with my husband. :slight_smile:

i think being a mouse with large cats is caution. staying safe. i do this.


thank you. :slight_smile: i see this. at times i stay quiet for fear. other times i think a person is stupid. why say any thing to stupid? that is what i think. these are pride?

what do you think is assertive?

when i was small if i say things not right i am in trouble. i learn to not say things. i know this. i think i do not know when to say things and when not. so i say nothing. being Catholic is like this. i do not say things because i see that what i say is not right. it is the mouse with the cats. :slight_smile:

i think for how i want to be with God. it does not matter if i say things or not. what i have to say is not important. if i say or not who cares? it is more blah blah blah in the world. so why not be silent?

then a person says i am not assertive. i think this can not be good. at work i should not be silent. at work i have times i think to throw rocks at the heads of stupid people! this i think is not assertive. ha. only anger.


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