Assistant to Bishop-a title?


During our recent parish’s confirmation the bishop of our diocese was there. With him was a gentleman who “cracked his whip” so to speak. He was very efficient and wanted to know about the music, altar servers, etc. (He even turned pages for the bishop.) Does this man have a title and if so what is it. He was very impressive!



He was probably acting as Master of Ceremony, which is often the Bishop’s Secretary, which is basically like a valet & office manager rolled into one. :wink:


Most likely the Secretary to the Bishop.

He usually acts as Master of Cermonies when the Bishop is celebrating parish Masses in the diocese, except at the Cathedral. In the Cathedral, a Cathedral priest or seminarian usually acts as MC.


Since our Archdiocese is quote large, there is a Deacon from each Deanery that acts as Master of Ceremonies.
The previous Bishop had a couple of his favorite Deacons drive him and also serve with him. They make sure the servers and others know exactly what to do. Nowadays they send a Schema to the parish in advance to give directives and ask for particulars too.


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