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What does Assisted Living include, generally?

If you look at my “Old Age” thread, where does that fall? I will have no one to help me when I’m not able to do everything for myself. If my telephone doesn’t work one day and I can’t find a new phone that I can understand, does that mean I have to do without or go straight into a nursing home? :crying:

Is this all I have to look forward to?:shrug:


The company I work for services the Fire Alarm systems in many “Assisted Living” complexes.

Depending on the level of “disability” they usually include an RN on-site (certain hours), cleaning/laundry services, a “group cafe/dining room” for meals (if wanted), scheduled activities/outings, a Postal Service area, & shuttle bus service to local shopping centers.

Living in the building (and paying rent) would include an on-site/in-house maintanance staff, that would service all the mechanical & electrical needs of the “tenant”. This usually encompasses major appliances, heat & A/C, and phone service. Whether this service is inclusive, or an extra charge/billable is a part of the renter’s agreement… but they usually have someone on premise.


I need “assisted” living, NOW! I hate calling repairmen and paying them a small fortune to walk in the front door. BTW, I’m sure they earn the small fortune, I just hate paying it.


Usually city or county social services agencies have a senior citizens section. A call to them and a chat with one of their social workers might help you find the right place. They would probably know which places have the services you need.


Assisted living is VERY expensive, but a good way to spend down your money to get onto medicaid. However, they are VERY selective about who gets accepted, and if your mother is incapable of caring for herself, you may have to look at a long term care facility.

They vary from place to place. Most are self sufficient apartments, with small kitchens,

There is usually a mealsite, (meals prepared by others) and it is generally an added cost. You can also have an aid for an extra cost for general personal care such as showering. Laundry is also often an added expense,

You described your mother as slowly losing her faculties. Has she seen a dr, for the dementia she is exhibiting? An adult day health program is excellent for people with Alzheimers and other dementias, it keeps their health in check and provides them with socialization and stimulation to aid their brain in fighting the progression.

Also call your local department on aging or Council on aging, or senior center, they can help you with locating adaptive equipment such as large button phones, big remotes, lifeline, etc.


The Assisted Living question is for my old age. Sometime in the next few years, I’ll probably look into insurance.

Currently, I’m my mother’s full-time assisted living program. She sees a very competent doctor, regularly. Some of it could be helped by diet she’s real subborn about what she wants to eat, loss of appetite, but I don’t think we’re looking at Alzheimers, she’s just getting very tired and trying to do more than she’s able. She’s always been independent and raised me by herself and it’s very difficult for her to admit that she’s getting old. No one in her family has lived this long and this physically healthy. The one thing that she could use is more socialization.

I’ll check the phone book for a council on aging. The Internet is too big to find something like that locally.

Thank you.


Great info about assisted living. I got informed. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: Simi Valley Assisted Living :thumbsup:


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