Association with apostates (please help)


I know a girl who was raised Protestant, but now no longer believes in any religion. I’ve also read early church quotes about how it’s sinful to associate with apostates, so would that mean i have to stop talking to this girl…?


Your friend is no longer part of the apostate, talk all you like.


And for that matter, you can talk to who you like.


I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand… Are you saying that because she was Protestant, she was never truly a Christian and therefore not an apostate?


Please help, everyone… I’m really confused…


It might be a good idea to bring up the quotes in question, it may help in providing context.


No, you can talk to her. Who knows, you may get her to convert. God Bless!


Oh… sorry about that. I wish you well.


But hasn’t the Church’s position always been that we cannot befriend apostates…?


No. We live in a very different time to the early Church, and it is absolutely acceptable to speak to whomever you like. I further agree that, since she was never part of the Catholic Church, she is not an apostate.


There is no Church teaching that states Catholics must only interact with other Catholics. You are committing no sin, you are doing nothing wrong.

OP, I think you said in another thread you suffer from scruples? If so, the internet is not the best place for you to come when you’re struggling. Talk to someone in real life who can help you.


The Church allows and approves of us to talk to anyone of any faith.


Ah, I just read somewhere that anyone who “receives an apostate” can be excommunicated.


Also, OP, based on your previous laughter thread, you seem to have an excess fixation on the strict practices on the early Church. Not only is that inadvisable, it has been condemned as antiquatianism in Mediator Dei.


Excommunicated from the Church, as individuals you can talk.


This has got to be user @Ambasea, posting yet again as another identity.

I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not, why in blazes do you keep doing this to yourself?


Wow, good catch! Didn’t see that at first.

It certainly does appear that way.


Of course not. How would we evangelize them? Who will show her Christ if you abandon her?


Huh? Oh, I definitely thought that early church fathers spoke about shunning apostates.

Or do you hold the belief that she’s not an apostate since she was never Catholic…?


We need to remember statements like this were made to communities not individuals…if you can quote Jesus then I’ll agree with you.

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