Assumption for "justaccord"


“justaccord” asked: “tell me What is the Biblical justification for the Assumption? Seems like it was invented out of whole cloth, as a logically-impelled conclusion from the immaculate conception, also without Scriptural basis.”

Well, it has happened with other holy people, and I think we can certainly agree that Mary was very, very holy.

[size=1]Gn 5:24 (Hb 11:5) - Enoch taken to heaven without dying
2Kg 2:11 - Elijah assumed into heaven in fiery chariot
Mt 27:52 - many saints who had fallen asleep were raised [/size]

The Bible does not express all history, as you well know.
Secondly, you believe things not explicit in scripture, based on the authority of Christ’s Catholic Church defining it… such as which books comprise the New Testament and which don’t. That’s absolutely nowhere in the Bible! Another example is the doctrine of the Trinity. The word Trinity is nowhere in the Bible and the particulars of what the Trinity means is certainly not explicit.

Also, the Assumption goes hand and hand with the Immaculate Conception, since the death and decay entered the world through Original Sin. This article is highly instructive:

I’ll keep you in my prayers, and I ask that you do the same for me.


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