Assumption holy day of obligation?


it the feast of the Assumption a holy day of obligation in all places, like Christmas?


It is a holy day in the U.S. Since we usually have fewer holy days than most places, I think that it is likely a holy day ‘everywhere’ but if there is a place where it is not, somebody will surely tell us!

That being so, one other thing that is particular to the U.S. for sure (not sure if in other places). . .if the feast of Mary, Mother of God (January 1), The Assumption (August 15) or All Saints Day (Nov 1) fall on a SATURDAY or a MONDAY, then the obligation to attend Mass is lifted. But only on those days. Since it is a Friday this year, you must attend either a vigil (which it is now too late to do on the East Coast anyway) or a Mass on the day. But next year Assumption will fall on a Saturday and the obligation will be lifted. In 2010 it will fall on a Sunday so you’re covered because you will be at Mass anyway. In 2011 it will fall on a Monday and again, the obligation will be lifted. In 2012 it will fall on a Wednesday and you’ll have to go.


Each country chooses it’s own Holy Days of Obligation in addition to the universally required days. You have to go to mass!


I’d say it’s the bishops (not the country) which choose either to add days (say for patron saints) or to (in the case of the U.S.) transfer the feasts to a Sunday or to abrogate the obligation for some days if they are on Sat. or Mon.). . .I think if I remember correctly there are 10 ‘universal’ holy days of obligation but the bishops of a country can request indults to make changes to some but not all of those days.


it is a holy day of obligation here in scotland. i shall be going tonight at 7.30pm :slight_smile:


me too, here in England. I have been known to forget, but I set up a reminder this year :thumbsup: .


me too, here in England. I have been known to forget, but I set up a reminder this year

:thumbsup: Yep, it’s a Holy Day of Obligation in England. I attended Mass this morning. I believe the Feast of the Assumption is a day of obligation in most countries throughout the world, and even if it isn’t, I think people should attend anyway (if possible).


In Wales it is a Holy day of obligation; I have Mass at 19.30.


It’s not in Canada.


Except in Hawaii.



It does seem confusing. I saw some sites which only gave Christmas and New Year’s (Mary Mother of God) as Canadian holy days. I saw other sites that listed those 2 and also Epiphany, Ascension, All Saints, as holy days. (of course, Sundays are supposed to be holy days of obligation as well).

The Universal Church lists the Assumption as a Holy Day but again, I have seen sites in which “Canada” does not list it as a holy day.



Not in Hawai’i? Oh well. Apparently not in Canada either. Still seems to be though in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc.

I love these fora. You learn something new every day.


I wonder why not Hawaii? Any ideas?


It’s a Holy Day of Obligation where I live and the Priests should announce that missing this mass is a mortal sin unless there is some good reason for missing. There’s plenty of churches and masses here, so no real reason to miss…


It is a Holy Day of Obligation in the diocese of Richmond. :wink:


Where holy days of obligation are concerned etc., one can always phone one’s parish or diocesan offices for clarification of what applies on one’s own local calendar.


It is a HDO in Australia too.


Miscellaneous Note #6, Liturgical Calendar for Dioceses of the United States of America:

In a decree dated March 23, 1992, the bishop of Honolulu designated Christmas and the Immaculate Conception as the only two holy days of obligation for the State of Hawaii. This implements the indult received from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on May 26, 1990, and the subsequent nihil obstat from the USCCB allowing Hawaii to legislate on this matter in accord with the policies of the Conference of Bishops of the South Pacific (CEPAC).





Is it a mortal sin to miss Mass on a holy day of obligation then?

I went to Mass yesterday (here in England) at 8:00 and there weren’t many people there at all; the church was about a quarter full.

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