Assumption of Mary


Greeting - can anyone help me with a book, reference, website, that would help me understand the assumption of Mary? Scripture to reference, basis in tradition, why it’s important. Just someone with no Catholic background that is trying to learn.


“Behold Your Mother” by Tim Staples. Also, read through these various blogs/articles:


I think the very best document you can read is the Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus.

This document is the Church’s official answer to all of your questions. :wink:


Ok. To answer this question would be similar to answering how blood saves and washes away sins. The truth is, no one knows exactly how God does this in the unseen world, but we can come reasonably close to guessing how Jesus blood literally is able to do this.

Regardless, the answer will seem entirely unscriptural and occultish so people dont bother with those writings. People want a ‘statement of fact’ to believe in for salvation rather than Truth which ONLY comes from Gods Spirit which testifies to Jesus and his Word - not the Scripture in itself. (ccc:687)

Before you say that blood washing away sins is Biblical, and the assumption of Mary isnt, consider this: there is MORE EVIDENCE that Mary was assumed to heaven as a fact, than believing in the mysterious concept of ‘blood washing away sins’ for salvation.

-Science has recently uncovered and proven 100% by recreating through experiments that The Shroud of Turin hologram was made by incredibly intense short lightwaves that burned in the top cellulose to make the 3d hologram. Of course, they were only able to test this high power light on a cm or so. Think of the shroud when you think of God taking people up and how they vanish.

-We know in Genesis Enoch was of pure Adamic flesh and walked so close with God, he was taken up early and simply vanished.

Actually this might get long but here’s the quick reasoning:

-God created Adam in his image. Seth came out next in Adams image and the Adamic line ended at Noah. Cains line is NOT in Gods image at all but I wont get into that.
-In Genesis 6 Pure flesh in Adams image mixed interbred with ‘fallen ones’ or ‘something else’ that was NOT made in Adams image so man genetically became corrupted and diverse. This is why God did the flood a flood and chose Noah.
-Ok… JESUS fleshly body came from Mary (Gen 3 - her seed will…)
-If Mary was born with ‘sinful flesh’ aka ‘literal ‘fallen ones’ interbred flesh’, then Jesus would have been born with sinful flesh (essentially part human, part demon/fallen one etc).
-So Mary MUST have had somewhat of a divine birth herself because she was FULL of grace which only comes from God that only could have been at conception, and could ONLY be done in sinless untainted flesh making her the new ‘Eve’.
-Because of all this, Mary would have been sinless and not ‘surely died’ (Gen 3) so like Enoch she could be beamed directly up to heaven unlike anyone else that has walked the earth since. However, she still needed Jesus as her saviour.
-Because she was beamed up like this, she has the ability to COME BACK DOWN and visit.
-Jesus CAN NOT because that would be is final coming. For now he’s posted at the right hand of the Father in heaven.
-Like at the wedding, Mary is very active, and interactive looking upon the needs of everyone.
-Mary has more documented factual miracles whitnessed by more people than all the UFO paranormal ghost enounters combined.

The best way to believe in this is see a 20 min or so Youtube video called ‘Our Lady Of Guadalupe’ and be prepared to whitness a living, undisputed miracle from Mary that provides sceptics like me and you some evidence to use our Free Will in order to chose what to believe.


SVS Press is an Orthodox Publisher, they have an excellent Patristics Series. Including a book on the Dormition of Mary, that is her death and entry into heaven.



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