Hi again traditional catholics
Does any one believe that our Lady wasn’t assumed? Ever since I was in Rome last (Jubilee 2000) I have been strongly inspired to look in the crypt of St Mary Major.Would any one be available to aid me in my search. I have a stomach complaint which makes it difficult for me to try to convince the authorities in Rome of my aims and aspirations.
God Bless

What do you suppose you will find? Our tradition speaks of Mary’s Assumption (Dormition) from either Ephesus or Jerusalem.

All Catholics are supposed to believe that Mary was Assumed body and soul into Heaven after ending her earthly life here. Do they? That is another matter.


I firmly and truly believe the Truth that Mary, at the end of her earthly life, was, due to her Immaculate Conception and freedom from all sin, assumed body and soul into Heaven and was there crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Amen! :slight_smile:

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:

Me too! :slight_smile:

I believe.

But I do have a question about the use of the word assumption. I know we say Mary was assumed, body and soul, into Heaven.

I recollect having been told by a priest, maybe during an Assumption homily, that the word assumption is used because the Church *assumes *Mary went up into Heaven body and soul, because that assumption is the only plausible explanation of what happened to her.


Perhaps he was being facetious?

Assumption is the noun form of assume which comes from the Latin, *ad *(to, or towards) + *sumo *(to take up).


Hi again
Thanks for your replies.There is a saying that the test of truth is time. I vaguely remember seeing in an old catechism (i think it was teach youself catolicism) that there is literature about what happened to our lady after she died and came from Ephesus to Rome. When I was in Esparon (Provence, France) trying to dig up the body of St Joseph i got caught in a snow fall and had to walk in circles trying to keep warm. It reminded me of the basilica of st Mary Major formerly called Our Lady of the Snows. Tradition tells us that a summer fall of snow was the sign that our lady gave to show that she wanted her famous basicila to be built on that spot.
The only way to be sure is to investigate with the permission of the authorities in Rome.I have dedicated the months from 15 august to 15 october to the apostles Peter and Paul.Its as good a time as any to pay a visit to the eternal city.
Keep me in your prayers.

Happy Feast Day everyone! Here’s a gift from EWTN’s Document Library regarding Mary’s Assumption. Enjoy!

Pope Pius XII

Apostolic Constitution defining “ex cathedra” (from the chair of Peter) the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin) **

  1. The most bountiful God, who is almighty, the plan of whose providence rests upon wisdom and love, tempers, in the secret purpose of his own mind, the sorrows of peoples and of individual men by means of joys that he interposes in their lives from time to time, in such a way that, under different conditions and in different ways, all things may work together unto good for those who love him.[1]

  2. Now, just like the present age, our pontificate is weighed down by ever so many cares, anxieties, and troubles, by reason of very severe calamities that have taken place and by reason of the fact that many have strayed away from truth and virtue. Nevertheless, we are greatly consoled to see that, while the Catholic faith is being professed publicly and vigorously, piety toward the Virgin Mother of God is flourishing and daily growing more fervent, and that almost everywhere on earth it is showing indications of a better and holier life. Thus, while the Blessed Virgin is fulfilling in the most affectionate manner her maternal duties on behalf of those redeemed by the blood of Christ, the minds and the hearts of her children are being vigorously aroused to a more assiduous consideration of her prerogatives.

  3. Actually God, who from all eternity regards Mary with a most favorable and unique affection, has “when the fullness of time came”[2] put the plan of his providence into effect in such a way that all the privileges and prerogatives he had granted to her in his sovereign generosity were to shine forth in her in a kind of perfect harmony. And, although the Church has always recognized this supreme generosity and the perfect harmony of graces and has daily studied them more and more throughout the course of the centuries, still it is in our own age that the privilege of the bodily Assumption into heaven of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, has certainly shone forth more clearly.

The rest can be read by following the link -

God bless and Mary keep.


What in the world :confused:

According to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich her tomb has already been found. There are many legends on where she was buried.

According to Blessed Anne Emmerich she was buried somewhere else. There are many legends as to where Mary was buried.

Me too Amen :signofcross:



Many thanks for posting this. The priest that celebrated mass this morning at our parish made mention of this teaching from Pope Pius in his homily.

I was talking about the feast day today with my Baptist wife and she said it was the least God could have done. Quite honestly, the Assumption was the most difficult dogma I had to overcome while becoming Catholic. Now that it has drawn my wife a fraction of an inch closer, I’ll never think twice regarding it.

Thanks Be to God! :slight_smile: :highprayer: May God bless you and your wife forever and lead her into the Truths of Catholicism! :slight_smile:

I hope this is the right place for this question…
I have just come into the Church this year at Easter Vigil. My husband, who is a fallen away Catholic, likes to play devil’s advocate and gives me a hard time about some things in the Catholic faith. Tonight, he was asking where it is in the Bible about Mary being taken up into heaven. I know about the verses in Revelation, but he was actually wanting to know why there wasn’t some kind of eyewitness account of the assumption. I didn’t know what to say. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!


Hello Myway.

I am of the opinion that she never actually saw physical burial. Her passing from this life was witnessed by St. John and he also witnessed her Assumption. He it was who was entrusted with her care by God when He lay dying upon the Cross. This he accomplished after he took her into his own home. I don’t think she ever saw a crypt. I think she passed into Heaven while St. John watched. But that is my opinion and I’ll find out if I’m right when I meet her in Heaven.


P.S. St. John may have had a head’s up regarding her approaching passing and that would explain any “crypt” that would’ve been hers if she had needed it. He prepared for her anticipated burial, but then she was Assumed into Heaven and so she never actually was placed in it. So, yes the place of her Dormition found in Jerusalem can be reconciled to this view.

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