Assumptions: The Good and Bad

Is there anything true for anyone? I want to be a writer. I try to understand people. I observe their facial expressions, tone, etc. Some people say you can never know a person’s inner motives because you are not in their heads. Part of me feels like tone, facial expressions, and previous behavior says just enough. How do you prevent yourself from making assumptions about others? You kind of have to, you do not know anything for certain. There is such thing as intuition. Some people do not believe in anything that does not have logical evidence, so intuition is just another presumption.
If I think someone is looking at me like they hate me, I will avoid them. In life, you will not EVERYTHING FOR SURE, but you still must make a choice.

Facial expression, tone of voice, and posture are different ways we communicate. They are real (objective) non-verbal cues, but they do not tell the whole story, just as the words someone speaks do not tell the whole story. We can try to put it all together, use all the evidence, even soft evidence like intuition, and we may get a clearer picture, but we cannot ever get “in their heads” or know all their thoughts. Indeed, I don’t even know all of my own thoughts!

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