Assyrian Bishop at Lutheran Consecration

I came across this article recently and realized I knew nothing about the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East. Always happy about ecumenical progress, I am also interested in information about the Assyrian Church. Any Assyrian Catholics out there?

Interesting picture.

Assyrians are/were Nestorians (I’m not sure what they consider themselves in modern days)… Chaldean Catholics are their Catholic, and therefore Chalcedonian, counterpart. In ancient times the Church of the East was largely Persian based and spread from Syria all the way to parts of China and north into central Asia. Some of the Mongols of Ghegis Khan’s era were actually Nestorian/Assyrian Christians. Today though it’s mostly concentrated in Iraq. I’ve read that in ancient times the Church of the East may have had more members than the Catholic Church in the Roman Empire. Like all Iraqi Christians their numbers are dwindling thanks to the jihadist aftermath of the U.S. invasion. That’s actually why they’re in Sweden - mostly refugees granted asylum.

There are actually two Assyrian factions, “Assyrian Church of the East” and “Ancient Church of the East” - the latter splitting from the former in the 1960s over the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.

Thanks for the thorough information, Scythian. Do Assyrians reject the ‘Theotokos’?

historically they did, but nowadays I am unsure with ecumenism and all that - I would assume the “Ancient Church of the East” faction would reject it since they are more conservative. There was actually quite a bit of protestant missionary interest in the Assyrians in the 19th century, this book was written in that period and presents an interesting glimpse

Anyways, interesting fact is the Assyrian Church of the East practices open communion for all baptized Christians.

This is a misconception that has been discussed a number of times on CAF.

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