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I came across a interesting claim by a blog named

It is made by an Eastern Orthodox who claims that the church of the east actually accepts the council of Chalcedon , has anyone heard anything about it ?

I’d suggest the blog you came across doesn’t know what it’s talking about :wink:

The blogger is an Eastern Orthodox priest making the case that the Assyrian Church could come into full communion with the EO. The discussion is interesting as Mar Awa Royel - an Assyrian Church of the East theologian and bishop weighed in.

It’s worth reading, even if you disagree.

Major Update:

I came across this news:

Fr. Ephraim was received into the Assyrian Church of the East months after this discussion. I wonder if the conversation with Mar Awa is what spurred his move.

The Assyrian Church split before the Council of Chalcedon, so it does not formally “accept” the council. Its teachings, however, do not contradict the council either.

This. I believe the Catholic Church has also officially stated that the Assyrian Church does not believe in heresy.

God Bless

If i remember well, they broke their communion and communication with the Patriarchs of the Roman Empire in 424, and they were pressured to do so.

They were found by Apostle Thomas and were blessed by Apostle Peter during his visit to their Church.

Vas…do you do cherry picking…like everything is Rome’s fault? It is starting to look that way.

There are people here who are very conciliatory to Orthodoxy, myself included…but there is always two sides to the coin.

What in a his/her post on this thread suggests blaming Rome? I see nothing of the sort.

I am seeing a tendency to come up with the same angle, the Latin Church is no good.

I believe in both Catholic and Orthodox and pray for our reunion. I see things in both churches i do not like. I would think a reunion would fill the gaps in both to perfect the Universal Church to become a true witness of faith to the world so that all may believe.

There is nothing about Rome in his post.

Where is that to be found in this thread?

It isn’t. There is a reference to the fact that the Assyrian Church broke communion with the patriarchs of the Roman Empire (Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, and Antioch), and that they were pressured to do so (by the Sassanid Empire). This is historical fact. There is nothing whatsoever in this thread about the Latin Church being “no good.”

This is very true. The Persians didn’t want them associating with the citizens of the Roman Empire. Also the Assyrians were troubled by Constantinople’s tendency to honor the Emperor in Constantinople.

I am referring to other comments on other threads that tend to make the Latin Church look like it does no good.

But yes, agree about the Assyrian Church.

Has anyone heard of the 544 synod of mar Aba 1 ?

This is a problematic statement. If a Church is the Church of Christ, it is perfect and complete, lacking nothing gapping. The Roman Catholic Church consider herself to contain the fullness of the Faith. The Easter Orthodox Church considers herself to contain the fullness of the Faith.

Perhaps you mean some other aspect that is incomplete somehow, when you might be more specific, if you will.

Pax Christi

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