Assyrian Restaurants Bombed in Qamishli, Syria, 16 Killed


Assyrian Restaurants Bombed in Qamishli, Syria, 16 Killed

Qamishli, Syria (AINA) – Three explosions targeted Assyrian businesses in Qamishli, Syria today. The first was at the Miami restaurant and the second at the Gabriel restaurant, both owned by Assyrians. The restaurants are in an Assyrian neighborhood and commercial district in the center of the city. The explosions at Miami and Gabriel restaurants occurred within minutes of each other.

A third attack targeted the Youth Restaurant, in the western part of Qamishli, which is also owned by Assyrians.

One of the attacks was by a suicide bomber, and the other two are also believed to have been perpetrated by suicide bombers.

Pictures of 10 of those killed, mostly Christians at link along with their names.

Undoubtedly, ISIS hits other groups but it looks like Christians were intentionally targeted in an area of Syrian Kurdistan.

One of the places hit was the Miami restuarant: owned by Assyrians, who are almost always going to be Christians.

From, Assyrian news, amazing that Christmas lights are even up in Syria: (image is too big to post)


praying for the dead and injured.


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