Assyrians and confession

As an apostolic Church, I am certain that the Assyrian Church of the East administers the mystery of penance in some manner, but does it practice private, individual confession?

Private, individual confession didn’t become universal in the Church until at least a couple centuries after the Council of Ephesus and thus long after the schism with the Assyrians. If the Assyrians do practice it, what form does it take and was it adopted at a later point?

I noted in another thread that the Assyrian Patriarch has expressed renewed interest in dialoguing with the Chaldean Catholic Church (the Assyrian counterpart Church in full communion with Rome) with the hope of eventually establishing full communion and I know that the Assyrian Church and the Catholic Church already have an agreement for limited inter-communion under certain circumstances - so I have no doubt that the Assyrian Church uses the power of the keys to loose the sins of its faithful, but I am curious as to what form this takes.

Better to ask this in the Eastern Catholic part of CA.

I would tend to agree, but as I am asking about specifics regarding the Assyrian Church (not in communion with Rome), and not the Chaldean Catholics, I believe the moderators would prefer me to use the non-Catholic forum.

Not necessarily, though, since twf didn’t specifically ask for EC responses.

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